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Australian Job Market trends in Digital Technology sector for December 2017

Posted on December 6, 2017
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Australian Job Market

Expert Digital candidates continue to remain in very high demand in the Australian Job Market in Digital Technology sector. Employers are on the lookout for candidates who possess industry experience combined with specific skills. For instance, Finance with Full stack development or Agile in insurance Frontend.
Australian Job Market for Digital technology has a huge demand for top talents that consider their job roles as a vocation. They also prefer that candidates are active in extracurricular activities such as coding challenges, meet-ups, and conferences.
The demand for skilled professionals in the Digital sector in Australia is on the rise. The keys to succeeding in the Australian Job Market are realistic salaries and speed to market. In the forthcoming quarters, quality candidates can expect to receive several offers in the Digital Technology sector.
Firms in Australia must act in a quick manner and offer positive experience process for hiring if they intend to obtain the ideal employees. Mid-level professionals in MSBI also are in huge demand, as quoted by the Hays Au. The same holds good for Specialists in Visualization, especially in the Power BI and Tableau space.
The momentum for Big Data and Data Science space continues to enhance. The emerging trends in this domain reveal that there is a transition towards more consistent and genuine hiring in these areas now.
Dev Ops and Cyber security practices are witnessing increased recruitment in Australia. This is owing to the need for mitigating risk and enhanced process improvements. Retail firms, Utilities, Insurance, and Finance firms are all vying to recruit the top talents in these domains.
Cultural transformation is the core aspect as organizations seek to set in new areas such as Security and Dev Ops. The focus is on team diversity and works flexibility.
Professionals in Cyber security are also in increasing demand even as firms carry on combating enhanced cybercrime threats. In the last 1 year, there is a consistent demand for security experts, especially in the financial sector.
Trends in Digital Technology sector in Australia is witnessing focus on obtaining talents who possess strong business acumen. Demand is for professionals who can comprehend and converse with the businesses. In this dynamic market, there is also increasing demand for compliance, risk and governance resources.
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