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7-fold increase in Croatia Work Visas in 2019!

Posted on January 16, 2019
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Croatia Work Visas in 2019

The allocation of Croatia Work Visas will be enhanced in 2019 by the Government of Croatia. The quota will be increased to 65, 100 this year. It is inclusive of the 15,000 Croatia Work Visas that have already been extended.

The allocation for 2019 includes 20, 331 extra Croatia Work Visas in comparison with 2018. 13, 000 Visas are for the Construction and Tourism sectors. This was revealed by Marko Pavic the Labour Minister of Croatia.

The Work Visa quota is applicable to non-EU Workers and is subdivided into sector-wise quotas. It is decided annually by the Government of Croatia. This is based on recommendations by diverse business organizations. It serves as an indicator of the scarcity of workers in the nation. This is specifically for industries such as Construction and Tourism, as quoted by the Dubrovnik Times.

The number of Work Visas for the Construction industry will be enhanced by around 6,000 to 17, 800 this year. It will be increased by around 6,700 for the Tourism industry to 15, 611.

Marko Pavic said that through this we intend to ensure a steady flow of workforce for supporting economic growth. This is projected to be at 2.9% in this year, he added.

We are also making all efforts to activate the local workforce said the Labour Minister. This is chiefly through campaigns like “Find a Job”. There are at present around 147, 860 unemployed registered with the employment service said Pavic. This is for job openings around 20,111. €606 million has been allocated for creating jobs for the 147, 000 unemployed, informed the Minister.

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