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20 Best US Cities out of 182 to find a job for immigrants in 2018

Posted on January 22, 2018
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job for immigrants in 2018

20 Best US Cities out of 182 to find a Job for Immigrants in 2018 have been revealed by Wallet Hub. The personal finance site assessed 182 most populated US cities. These were compared for 26 parameters. The major factors include Job prospects, the growth of employment, average monthly salary, and housing affordability amongst others.

Each of the parameters belongs to any one of the 2 key dimensions, as quoted by the Business Insider.  These two are socioeconomic ambiance and job market. Grater scope has been offered to parameters that belong to the category of the Job market.

2018 – 20 Best US Cities out of 182 to find a job are:

RankCityTotal Score out of 100Job Market Rank /182Socioeconomic rank/182
1Chandler, Arizona67.6639
2Scottsdale, Arizona66.2953
3San Francisco, California66.06243
4Peoria, Arizona65.86156
5Gilbert, Arizona65.35434
6Plano, Texas64.69616
7Portland, Maine63.061012
8Irvine, California62.861113
9Madison, Wisconsin62.44211
10Boston, Massachusetts62.37742
11Austin, Texas62.291225
12Fargo, North Dakota62.101418
13Orlando, Florida61.98936
14Bismarck, North Dakota61.611339
15Columbia, Maryland61.28304
16Tampa, Florida60.781822
17Seattle, Washington60.702011
18Salt Lake City, Utah60.651728
19Fremont, California60.041566
20Tempe, Arizona59.793215

Each of the parameters was graded on a scale of 100 points. 100 represented the ideal conditions for job seekers. The individual city was assessed across all parameters for awarding the final score. They were then ranked in the list for top 20 based on the total scores.

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