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Quebec’s Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers Comes into Force

Quebec food production workers pilot program now open

An official News Alert – dated March 24, 2021—by Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration [MIFI] has announced the “implementation of the Permanent immigration pilot program for food processing workers”.

Earlier, on March 3, 2021, the government of Quebec had announced 3 pilot programs for meeting “the specific needs of Québec’s job market”.

3 New Pilot Programs of Quebec
Name of Pilot Effective Date
For workers in food processing From March 24, 2021 until January 1, 2026.
[For 2021, applications will be accepted from March 24 to October 31.]
For orderlies From March 31, 2021 until January 1, 2026.
For workersin the artificial intelligence, information technologies andvisual effects sectors From April 22, 2021 until January 1, 2026.

Under the new permanent immigration program of Quebec, 550 individuals a year are to be selected along with the members of their families.

For the purposes of the Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers, “eligible employment” would mean any of the following professions, as per the National Occupational Classification [NOC] matrix—

NOC Code Description
NOC 9462 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers
NOC 9617 Labourers in food and beverage processing
NOC 9618 Labourers in fish and seafood processing
NOC 6732 Specialized cleaners
NOC 9461 Process control and machine operators, food and beverage processing
NOC 8431 General farm workers [but only where it covers the position of chicken catcher]
NOC 9463 Fish and seafood plant workers

Based on the North American Industry Classification System [NAICS], eligible sectors for the Pilot program are – the subsectors of food manufacturing [NAICS Code 311] or the beverage manufacturing group [NAICS Code 3121].

The 311 subsector deals with establishments that are primarily engaged in food production for human or animal consumption.

Each of the 3 Pilot programs include the right of the worker’s spouse to apply for an open work permit for Canada.

As part of the eligibility requirements for the Pilot is the stipulation that the individual must “actually hold full-time eligible employment in an eligible sector in Québec and have held such employment in an eligible sector for a period of at least 24 months in the 36 months preceding the date of filing of the application”.

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