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Quebec reeling under manpower shortages in 2022

Quebec reeling under manpower shortages in 2022

The starting of the year was good for Quebec as the unemployment rate was very low. And there are a lot of job opportunities. The government is providing support to the immigrants to reduce the shortage of labor. The transformation of the Quebec labor market has occurred due to COVID-19.

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According to a report from the Institute du Quebec, the pandemic has brought new challenges in the process of removing the labor shortage. According to another report, some key questions were raised because of the pandemic. These questions will help in understanding the current state of the labor market.

Mia Homsy has stated that the year has started with a low unemployment rate. Workers, who are 55 and above have gone up to the management level, and this has increased the problem of labor shortage.

Labor shortage in 2022

A report has suggested that labor shortage problem in Quebec will occur due to the aging problem. Many workers will soon reach the age of retirement, and this will provide a large amount of job vacancies and the unemployment rate will go down. There are many workers who have crossed the age of 55 and above and many of them have still not joined their work.

Recruitment problems will also occur in accommodation, retail, and food services. Many employers are also providing work from home or hybrid job options. If there are jobs that do not provide this option, then potential workers may show less interest in doing such jobs.

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There are many employers who are facing problems in recruiting the new employees. They have to lower their hiring standards to reduce the issues. Educational qualifications should not be tough as they were before the pandemic.

Addressing labor shortages

Quebec has started taking measures to reduce the problem of labor shortages. According to the Quebec Immigration Levels Program, 52,500 permanent residents will be welcomed. The workers will be invited under different Quebec immigration programs. The plan also includes the admission of 18,000 immigrants that is pending since 2020. Temporary foreign worker programs will also be introduced. It has been estimated that there are 20 percent temporary workers in Quebec.

These measures will help the federal government to overcome the problem of labor shortage through the immigration of foreign workers.

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