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Posted on November 26 2018

Poland is the first to offer Residency Visa to non-EU Immigrants

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Poland is the first EU state to offer Residency Visa to non-EU Immigrants. In 2017, nearly one-quarter of all permits were issued by Poland. As reported by The First News, the country is facing a severe labor shortage. Polish companies are lacking workers. Hence the state is looking to recruit Overseas Workers.

They are focusing on the neighboring state Ukraine. It is not a member of the EU. In the last decade, many Ukrainians have come to Poland looking for work. The sectors they have mostly found jobs are agriculture, construction, hospitality and retail. Also, the Polish Government has simplified the Visa rules for Overseas Workers. The initiative to offer a Residency Visa is another way to encourage workers to migrate to Poland.

The conflict in the Donbas has propelled Ukrainians from the east and south part to migrate to Poland. Also, Poland is geographically close to the west part of this neighboring country. This makes many Ukrainians opt for Poland when it comes to Overseas Career.

The latest report by Eurostat confirms that 85.7% of permits issued by Poland have gone to Ukrainians. 6.3% went to Belarusians and 1.1% to the Soviet Union. In 2017, Poland issued 3.1 million Residency Visa to non-EU Immigrants. It is more than that in 2016. This number is one of the highest in the EU. 21% of the total Residency Visa went to Ukraine. It was followed by Syria and China.

However, in other EU countries, the preference has been different. In Portugal, Brazilians received the most number of Residency Visa. It actually depends on the cultural and historical connection.

The report further suggests that 87.4% of the Residency Visa in Poland were given for employment purpose. These accounted for 59% of the total permits issued by EU states for the same reason. It only reflects how many Ukrainians have moved to Poland over the last few years. 5% of the Visas were given to Immigrants willing to migrate to Poland for Overseas Education.

Ukrainians who moved to Poland through the Residency Visa mostly took up jobs. A very small number of them came for Overseas Education. And the rest migrated for family reunification and other reasons.

On the other hand, most Chinese citizens came to Poland for Overseas Education. Moroccans mostly moved for family reasons. People from Syria were given Residency visa for other reasons.

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