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Posted on November 25 2023

Ontario, Canada to increase wages to $23.86 per hour for primary school teachers. Apply Now!

By  Editor
Updated November 28 2023

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Highlights: Ontario to increase pay for primary school teachers

  • The minimum wage for primary school teachers to be increased starting from next year.
  • 229,100 people were employed under this sector in 2021.
  • The job outlook for this sector will be favorable in the coming years.
  • By 2026, 86,000 new positions are estimated under national child care system, and 108,800 new opportunities are estimated from 2022 to 2031.

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Wage Increase for primary school teachers

Ontario will increase the minimum pay for primary school teachers in most registered child care centres to $23.86 per hour starting next year, from the previous increase of $20.

In November, Education Minister Stephen Lecce unveiled his childcare workforce strategy, which included raising the wage floor, a move that the government claims will elevate Ontario's ECE starting wages from among the lowest in the country to among the highest.

It is anticipated that Ontario will have established 86,000 new positions under the national child-care system by 2026.

An agreement Ontario made with the federal government in joining the $10-a-day scheme included a salary baseline of $18 per hour in 2022. The floor will increase to $23.86 per hour in the next year and going up by $1 per hour each year, up to $25.86 in 2026.

Canadian government’s $10 strategy

According to the Canadian government, all Canadian families should have access to excellent, reasonably priced, and flexible early learning and childcare.

92% of licensed childcare centres and home day-cares have already reduced childcare centre rates by 50% for families with children, and by 2026, the average daily fee is expected to drop to $10.

The strategy not only aims to provide high quality and affordable childcare for the development of children, but it also promotes gender equality by enabling more parents, especially mothers to enter the workforce and achieve economic security.

This would boost Canada's economy, encourage more women to pursue careers, and ensure that every Canadian kid has the greatest possible start in life.

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Details about the early childhood educator jobs

Canadian government website provides details about the key labor market variables such as employment growth and job vacancies.

229,100 people were employed as childcare workers in Canada in 2021. Their estimates state that between 2022 and 2031, there will be 108,800 additional job opportunities, and 91,500 new job seekers will be needed to fill them.

In terms of labor supply, it is anticipated that approximately 75% of jobseekers are expected to be mostly college graduates, and remaining 25% job seekers will be newcomers, especially women.

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Employment prospects for the sector between 2022 – 2024

According to the government website, employment prospects for primary school teachers in Ontario are expected to be favorable between 2022 and 2024.

The outlook is influenced by the following factors:

  • There will be number of new jobs due to the ride in employment.
  • There are a moderate number of unemployed people in this occupation with recent experience.
  • There will be number of positions available in this occupation due to retirements.

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Web Story:  Ontario, Canada, to increase wages to $23.86 per hour for primary school teachers. Apply Now!



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