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One million job vacancies available in Canada

Canada still has over one million job vacancies


Job vacancy report revealed by Canada Statistics

Statistics Canada has revealed a report related to the monthly employment, payroll, and vacancies for May 2022. The report has revealed that there is a decrease of pay or benefits from May 2021. The survey has shown that 26,000 jobs since May 2021 are not on payroll. Ontario has the number of job decreases of 30,000 while Manitoba shows a decrease of 2,500 job decreases. British Columbia is the only province which increased the payroll of the employees.

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Payroll in different sectors

Some of the sectors have seen challenges in the payroll in the services producing sectors. Loss of payroll could be found in 17,000 jobs. These sectors include education, healthcare, and social assistance.

High rate of employment in the retail sector

Though Ontario showed a drop in the job vacancies in the retail sector but overall there is a 6 percent increase of job vacancies in this sector. The jobs in retail sector have increased in different provinces except the following:

There is only one sector in which increase in job vacancies can be seen and this sector is professional, scientific, and technical services.

Weekly earnings increased by 2.5 percent

In spite of the loss of jobs, weekly earnings in the retail trade in May 2022 have increased by 9.3 percent in comparison to May 2021. Wages for the professional, scientific, and technical services sector has increased by 8.1 percent. The April report shows that weekly earnings for the employees increased by 2.5 percent.

In May 2022, New Brunswick showed the largest increase of 7.4 percent in the payroll. The increase of payroll in Newfoundland and Labrador is 5.9 percent. Increase in average wages was also seen in seven other provinces according to the report.

Increase of job vacancies in the retail trade sector

The unemployment rate in Canada has reduced to 5.1 percent. The job vacancies in the healthcare and social services sectors have increased up to 143,000. Nova Scotia and Manitoba showed an increase of job vacancies by 10 percent in the accommodation and food service sector.

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