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Posted on March 06 2023

New Zealand launches 'Recovery Visa

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024

Highlights: New Zealand government introduced ‘Recovery Visa’ for skilled workers

  • Recovery Visa will be free for successful applicants.
  • The processing time for the Recovery Visa applications within seven days.
  • New Zealand wants to expedite the entry of skilled workers into the country.
  • Recovery Visa intends to bring specialists who can support risk assessment, emergency response, etc.
  • The Recovery Visa has been introduced in response to recent weather-related disasters.

Why has the Recovery Visa been introduced?

Recovery Visa has been introduced by the New Zealand government to accelerate the entry of overseas specialists who can help to recover the country from the current weather-related disasters. A Recovery Visa is a New Zealander visa to enable skilled workers to enter the country immediately and support the on-going tragedy in different ways like, direct recovery support, risk assessment, emergency response, infrastructure and housing stabilization and repair, and clean-up.

Who can apply for the Recovery visa?

As per the immigration rule, the applicants will have to provide the following support:

  • Assess risk or loss
  • Provide emergency response
  • Infrastructure, building and housing stabilization and/ or repair (including planning functions)
  • The recovery (e.g., producing relevant materials for road rebuild, transport drivers, etc.)

The Recovery Visa will be free for successful applicants. The government plans to process applications within seven days, valid for up to six months.

Who can’t apply for the Recovery Visa?

Industries that provide indirect support (e.g., businesses in the affected areas facing increased demand for services) will not be able to apply. Also, the Visa will not be available to backfill vacancies of people leaving roles to work on the recovery.

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Recovery Visa

Recovery Visa for skilled workers


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