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Posted on December 20 2022

Great news! New Zealand extends Post Study Work Visa to 3 years for international students

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights: The validity of New Zealand Post Study Work visa extended to 3 years

  • The New Zealand Post Study Work visa validity has been extended to 3 years.
  • International students who complete graduation in New Zealand can live and work in the country for the new validity period.
  • Any international student who obtains a degree at level seven is eligible for an NZ PSW visa.
  • The student’s qualification has to be on the list of qualifications eligible for a PSW visa.

Here’s an update from New Zealand about the Post Study Work visa. This work visa is issued to international students who graduate from New Zealand. The visa has been extended to 3 years for foreign nationals who have graduated from this country.

Meet the New Zealand Post Study Work visa requirements

To apply for this visa you must have recently completed your studies in New Zealand. This visa lets you live and work in the country for a period of not more than three years. Nevertheless, the period allowed will depend on what the applicant studied and for how long.

New Zealand is one of the best countries to study abroad. Why not secure your opportunity to pursue a course in New Zealand? Contact Y-Axis for the right advice on studying in New Zealand.

The NZ PSW visa enables you to:

  • Be employed with any employer in New Zealand in any occupation provided you hold a qualification of degree (level 7) or above.
  • Be employed in an occupation that's related to the field of your studies in case your qualification is a non-degree (level 7) or below; the qualification you hold also has to be on the list of qualifications that has eligibility for an NZ Post Study Work Visa.

One thing you should remember is that the NZ PSW visa can be applied for only once.

So, what if you lodged an application for your Student Visa on or before May 11, 2022?

In that case, you could gain eligibility for an NZ PSW that works like an open work permit in New Zealand. You could work in the country even in the case of your qualification not being on the list of qualifications eligible for a PSW visa. It’s also necessary that you must have a qualification that’s acceptable.

If you are willing to study in New Zealand, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the world.

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Web Story: Hurry up..! New Zealand extends Post-study work visa to 3 years for foreign students


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