New Zealand Announces 3 Year Work Visa for Truck Drivers and Plant Operators


There is great news for scaffolders, truck drivers and plant operators who want to work in New Zealand. They can now obtain a 3 year work visa to earn their living in the country. This new rule that is implemented by government will affect people immigrating for work in the Canterbury region of New Zealand.

The opportunity

This has been possible only after the country received confirmation from nationwide trade and construction employment partners that they have received a Labor Hire Accreditation status. Earlier, people in this category were allowed to obtain a visa for not more than a period of 12 months. This change is seen as a positive development as people in these occupations can now work in the country ceaselessly for 3 years.

The benefit

Immigrants will now be allowed to take up full time jobs as ScaffoldersTruck Drivers and Plant Operators. The only requirement in case of truck drivers is the fact that they require the prescribed minimum experience to be allowed to work at a construction base. The increase of the work permit duration from one year to three years is being seen as a chance to work towards acquiring the status of permanent residency in that country.

Since the country does not have many skilled workers within its territory, and the number of workers available does not match the amount work that needs to be done, this move is being seen as a decision that can change the situation for better. It will benefit immigrants coming in from other countries and also provide New Zealand with much needed labour force in the specific job categories of scaffolding, truck driving and plant operating.

Some more factors that will compel you to choose New Zealand as your destination are great weather, happening lifestyle, friendly people and most importantly the availability of full time and contractual jobs.

Original Source:Migration Associates

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