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Posted on October 10 2022

New rules for Indian students to work while studying in Canada

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights regarding the rules to work in Canada while studying

  • Some Canada study permits allow students to work while doing the course
  • Students can start working after the commencement of their course
  • Students can work if the study permit includes a condition regarding working on or off campus

Students can work in Canada on or off campus

Canada has provided a set of guidelines for Indian students which states that they can start working only after their courses have commenced. There are some study permits which allow students to work in Canada on-campus or off-campus. Students arriving in the fall or winter have to show DLI which will be a proof that they are allowed to arrive late.

If the arrival of students is late, a border services officer will review all the requirements. International students can work only if there is a condition in their work permit that they can work on or off campus.

Conditions for working in school campus without having a work permit, candidates need to be:

  • Full-time post-secondary students
  • Have a valid Canada work permit
  • Have a Social Insurance Number

Conditions to stop working on-campus

Students have to stop working on-campus if:

  • Their full-time course is completed. They can continue working if they are in the final semester and they have met the other eligibility criteria.
  • Their study permit has expired
  • Students are on authorized leave from their studies
  • Students are not studying and are switching schools

Students can start working after starting their courses and have met all the conditions to work on-campus.

Conditions for working off-campus

  • Students should study in a designated learning institution
  • Students are enrolled in any one of the following:
    • The study program should have the duration of at least six months and it should lead to a degree or a diploma
    • Students have started their course
    • Students have a Social Insurance Number

Conditions for working off-campus

Here are the conditions that students have to follow while working off-campus:

  • Working while attending regular school term

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week and have the right to go for more than one job. Students need to fulfill all the conditions of their study permit.

  • Working in the scheduled breaks

Students can work for full-time if they are on a scheduled break. These breaks can include the following:

  • Summer holidays
  • Winter holidays
  • Fall
  • Spring reading week

Students can either work overtime or two part-time jobs whose time duration can be higher than the normal working hours.

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