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Posted on November 30 2020

New immigration pathway announced under the NLPNP

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
New immigration pathway announced under the NLPNP

In a News Release dated November 18, 2020, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has announced a “New Immigration Pathway to Attract Newcomers to Stay in Newfoundland and Labrador”.

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the 10 provinces that make up Canada, along with 3 territories. Joining the confederation in 1949, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is the newest of Canada’s 10 provinces.

While the province had become a part of Canada in 1949, it was only in 2001 that the name was officially changed to the present Newfoundland and Labrador.

As per the latest announcement, the new immigration pathway – Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador – under the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program [NLPNP] will attract “highly educated, highly skilled newcomers with specialized experience working in sectors such as technology, where a growing demand has outpaced local training and recruitment.”

According to the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador Andrew Furey, “We have exciting opportunities in emerging and traditional industries and we are working to recruit the necessary talent and skills to bring these opportunities to fruition. This new focus in Priority Skills for immigration builds on the gathering momentum to attract and retain more newcomers with fresh ideas and perspectives for growth.”

The new Canadian immigration pathway under the NLPNP will be launching on January 2, 2021.

Failing to recruit locally in keeping with the growing demand, employers within the high-growth sectors in the province have been asking for the new pathway.

Eligibility requirements

The new NLPNP pathway, Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador, will be open to individuals with 1 or more advanced academic or specialized qualifications in certain priority sectors – information and communications technology, health care, ocean technology, aquaculture and agriculture.

Here, by those with advanced academic or specialized qualifications is implied individuals that are –

Memorial University Masters or PhD degree graduates, with their studies having been completed within the last 3 years; or
Exceptionally qualified individuals that have worked in a specialized, highly skilled, high-demand occupation for a minimum of 1 year within the past 10 years.

For individuals that have work experience, consideration is to be given to those in any of the in-demand occupations in the province.

In-demand occupations for Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador

Engineers and Developers Software Developer
Biomedical Engineer
UI/UX Developer
Electrical Engineer
AI Developer
Mechanical Engineer
Python Developer
.NET Developer
Infrastructure Engineer
Technical Specialists Security Specialist
Cloud Specialist
Computer Network Support

Language requirement for the Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador will be that of a Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] Level 5 or above in either IELTS or CELPIP. The language test must have been appeared for within the 1 year prior to applying.

All candidates must be a minimum of 21 years of age at the time of applying to the new NLPNP pathway.

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