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Posted on November 24 2018

Latest updates on the US EB-5 Visas that you must know

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Aspiring immigrants must be aware of the Latest updates on the US EB-5 Visas. The key insights regarding these visas have been shared by Mr. Charles Oppenheim at a recent industry forum for EB-5. He is the Department of State Chief - Immigrant Visa Control & Reporting Division. His insights are based on the latest data for the availability of visas in the EB-5 stream in the future.

Mainland China remains the largest user of EB-5 Visas in terms of nation wise numbers. This is as indicated by the latest data. The cumulative utilization by the rest of the world has exceeded figures of China for the first time in recent times.  China has received roughly 48% of the total yearly EB-5 Visa allocation for FY 2018.

Vietnam is the second largest user of the Visas in the EB-5 stream. It has reached its annual per-nation cap of 7.1% for the first time in the fiscal year 2018.

India has demonstrated crucial growth in the usage of US EB-5 Visas. It increased its utilization to 6.1% in FY 2018 from just 1.7% in FY 2017, as quoted by the NAT LAW REVIEW.

Mr. Oppenheim has predicted that by 2019 July or possibly earlier, India may retrogress. He also anticipates a very slow pace for Mainland China. Meanwhile, Vietnam is likely to move ahead to September 2016 in the current fiscal year. However, Vietnam is likely to retrogress in June or May of 2019 and begin to align with China.

DOS has offered key estimates for the prospective migrant visa wait time by the nation. It represents the number of years an investor may have to wait between filing I-526 and availability of EB-5 Visa.

Potential Wait Time if I-526 Filed on 10/30/2018
Nation Expected Visa Wait Time
China-mainland 14 years
Vietnam 7.2 years
India 5.7 years
South Korea 2.2 years
Taiwan 1.7 years
Brazil 1.5 years


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