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Japan may offer short-term Visa-free travel to Russians

Japan may offer short-term Visa-free travel to Russians

The Government of Japan is considering offering short-term Visa-free travel to Russians. It is studying the possibility of offering a Visa waiver to the Russians. This has been revealed by the newspaper Sankei by citing its own news sources.

It has been revealed by the newspaper that Russians arriving in Japan for less than 90 days will not require Visas. This is if they submit their details from their passports to the Diplomatic Mission of Japan in advance. It is also being considered by the Government of Japan to offer Multiple Visa-free entries to Russians with a specified timeframe.

The timeframe for launching the Visa-free travel is yet to be decided. It is likely that the issue will be discussed in the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Japan and Russia. This is to be held in the 3rd week of February. It is likely to be held on the sidelines of the Security Conference at Munich.

Japan has earlier relaxed Visa regime for Russians twice earlier. The number of tourists from Russia to Japan reached around 95,000 in 2018 as a result. This was a year-on-year increase of 235.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe also held talks with Vladimir Putin the President of Russia. He said that both the nations have set the target of enhancing the mutual arrivals of tourists to 400,000 by 2023.

Japan believes that Visa-free travel will also aid in creating favourable conditions for discussions to sign a peace treaty.

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