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IRCC released new instructions to renew expired COPR

How to enter Canada, if you have a valid permit

Canadian Federal Government has released new instructions for PRs (Permanent Residents) with expired documents. Through this process, the COPR holders (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) can renew their documents and travel to Canada. Due to the evolving times, many COPR holders are left with expired documents and are not allowed at the border.

The expiry date of their COPR documents has passed by for many of them. To assist these people, IRCC has come up with instructions.

What is COPR?

COPR is issued to individuals who will meet the following points:

 COPR is the primary document to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

Can we enter Canada with an expired COPR?

No, you will not be allowed to Canada with the expired COPR documents. IRCC sends an email to the particular individuals about the expired application and the list of documents to submit. If the person is willing to immigrate to Canada, they can write their opinion to the email sent by IRCC department.

If the individual chooses not to reply or cannot respond to the email sent from IRCC within the prescribed time, their file will be closed permanently. That means they need to reapply if they wish to migrate to Canada as a PR (Permanent Resident).

List of new documents for expired COPR holders

Every individual with an expired COPR will receive an email with the following requirements:

  • Family situation (changed or remains same): This means that it is particular about the changes in your family like married, had a new born or divorced. If there is a change, then you need to submit the documents relevant to the changes.
  • New documentation such as police verification and medical reports

You are advised to take the medical examination after receiving the email, as it contains a set of instruction forms that you need to take to the physician.

If you receive an email from IRCC with a set of instructions to submit new documents or health records, follow their instructions and wait for the response. There is no need to follow up with the department for a response. IRCC says, ‘we have changed the set of rules for PRs (with expired COPR documents) because of the COVID-19 restrictions.’
I have submitted all the details according to the IRCC email. Can I migrate to Canada immediately?

After submitting all the documents, you need to wait for the confirmation email from IRCC.  Later, if all the documents were approved then you will receive a confirmation email with re-issued new COPR,  a new visa sticker in the passport (if required) and list of the documents needed to travel to Canada.

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