Indian tourist to Melbourne increase by 24% in 2015

Indian tourist to Melbourne increase

Another study, this time out of Australia states that, the city of Melbourne has seen a massive 24% expansion in Indian tourism immigration in 2015 in comparison to the previous year.

Melbourne is the capital and most crowded city in the Australian territory of Victoria. The territory of Victoria was calculated as the second most visited state went by Indian sightseers.

Tourism Victoria has worked intimately with Indian travel and tourism industry to create interest and enthusiasm within the business sector. Throughout the years, key campaigns have directly affected the quantity of outbound guests to Victoria.

Vishal Suri, managing director of a travel firm in India said that, “India is one of the world’s fastest growing outbound markets. For the State of Victoria in 2015, we observed a 35% increase in our bookings to the destination and anticipate the number of enquiries increasing significantly in 2016 as compared to the previous year.” Attributable to the expansion in outbound go to the state from India, the tourism board will keep on putting resources into key campaigns specifically for the Indian market.

Tourism consultants, all cross over the world are competing to get the attention of Indian tourist immigrants. India’s outbound travel is growing at around 15-20% annually and consistently. As indicated by industry forecast, the quantity of Indians making a trip abroad is set to ascend to around 50 million by the year 2020.

“India has always been a key market for the state of Victoria and the surge in Indian visitors to Melbourne year-on-year is truly encouraging. Indian travellers are becoming more discerning and see the value in spending on quality travel experiences as the expenditure figures have reached an all-time high – this encourages us to continue to focus on this region,” Celia Ho, regional manager – South and South East Asia, Tourism Victoria said in a press statement.

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Original Source:Economic Times

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