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India produces highest number of highly educated migrants

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As per the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], “In terms of magnitude of the high-skilled diaspora in the OECD area, India takes the lead, with over 3 million tertiary-educated migrants, followed by China [2 million] and the Philippines [1.8 million].”

The findings were published in OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers No. 239. The data refers to 2015/16.

It was on December 14, 1960, that 20 countries signed the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Since then, another 17 countries have become part of the OECD.

Currently, there are 37 OECD countries, with Columbia being the 37th country to join. Certain other countries – India, Brazil, China, Indonesia, and South Africa – are OECD Key Partners.

Collaborating on key global issues at the national, regional and local levels, between themselves, the OECD countries and Key Partners represent around 80% of world trade and investment.

With nearly 60 years of insights and experience, the OECD is among the largest and most trusted sources of comparable statistical data and research worldwide.

At 3.12 million, India has been found to be the source country for the highest number of highly educated immigrants. Of the estimated 120 million migrants living in the different OECD countries, at least 30% were found to be highly educated.

Of the over 1 million migrants in the OECD countries from India, 65% were found to be highly educated.

By being “highly educated” is implied herein those that had received either academic or vocational training.

As per the OECD, “The overall emigration rate of highly educated individuals towards OECD countries is 16% in 2015/16. In comparison, that of the low [medium] educated is 5% [12%].”

Countries that highly educated migrants are coming from [as of 2015/16]

Country Highly educated migrants from the country
India 3.12 m
China 2.25 m
Philippines 1.89 m
UK 1.75 m
Germany 1.47 m
Poland 1.20 m
Mexico 1.14 m
Russia 1.06 m

Many of the highly skilled from India head towards countries like Canada, Australia and Germany. These are also the Top 3 countries for immigration post COVID-19.

Canada’s immigration policy is among the best among the OECD members. According to the OECD’s Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Canada 2019, along with welcoming the most number of immigrants, Canada also has the “most elaborate and longest-standing skilled labour migration system in the OECD”.

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