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Iceland announces long-term visa for remote workers

Iceland Work Visa

As per a recent announcement by Iceland, “the Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Innovation, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs have put in place measures to enable non-EEA foreign nationals to reside in Iceland for up to six months and telework for foreign companies.”

With the latest measures, foreign citizens that are exempt from the visa requirements, can apply for a long-term visa in Iceland for teleworkers.

As per the announcement, such foreign citizens can also bring their families to Iceland without the requirement of moving their legal domicile to the country or obtaining Icelandic ID numbers.

Through the latest move by the Government of Iceland, non-EEA nationals will be eligible for residing in Iceland for a duration of up to six months.

Foreign citizens wishing to obtain the extended permission of stay in Iceland will be required to present their income, employment relationship, as well as health insurance.

Teleworking, or remote working, has come to the forefront largely in the background of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adapting to the altered working situations, various companies worldwide have been making significant changes in the way that they operate. Many are now increasingly allowing, as well as encouraging, their staff to opt for teleworking.

Consequently, a wide majority of the staff members can now choose the environment that they work in, regardless of the physical location of their workplace.

Iceland is known to be highly receptive to tech innovation. As per an October 2019 publication – Iceland and the fourth industrial revolution, a report by a Committee appointed by the Prime Minister of Iceland – “the Icelandic business community has long been receptive to tech innovation”.

With a Migrant Acceptance Index of 8.41 on the Gallup World Poll 2019, Iceland has also secured the second spot among the Top 10 most-accepting country for migrants.

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