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Posted on March 08 2022

Germany issued 60,000 visas for skilled workers in 2021

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Abstract: In 2021, Germany issued close to 60,000 visas to international skilled workers under the German Skilled Workers Immigration Act.


  • Germany is a manufacturing hub and needs significant numbers in its workforce.
  • The visa is issued to workers who have completed vocational training in Germany or a course recognized by Germany from any other country.
  • Under the Act, 1,197 Indian skilled workers were granted the work visa.
  • The regulations for people in other occupations remain unchanged.

The German Skilled Workers Immigration Act helped in issuing 60,000 visas to foreign national workers in the country. This Act was implemented to address Germany's labor force's lack of skilled workers. The Act was brought into effect in March 2020. The first year of the Act being brought into effect saw 30,000 visas being issued to foreign national skilled workers.

Year No. of Visas Issued
2021 60,000
2020 30,000

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What is Skilled Workers Immigration Act

The Skilled Workers Immigration act was brought into effect in March 2020. This Act helps in employing and granting visas to international skilled workers. The non-EU workers need to have vocational experience in the field and basic educational qualifications to join the labor force in Germany.

Critical Changes for International Skilled Workers living in Germany

The significant changes brought by the Skilled Workers Immigration Act for the foreign national workers are as follows.

Category Experience Educational Qualification Employment Opportunities Permanent Settlement
Qualified Professionals 2 Years Degree recognized in the country Employment Contract After 4 Years
Students and Trainees NA Enrollment in a German School Can switch to vocational training from studies After completing the vocational training


Qualified Professionals

Germany recognizes those individuals as qualified professionals who have had vocational training for a job in Germany or abroad. The training abroad should match the parameters set by Germany. To access the German labor market, the professional must either have an employment contract or a qualification recognized by the country. If the workers have migrated to Germany looking for jobs, they would be granted a residence permit for six months. The time spent looking for employment in Germany, employment for 10 hours per week for trial, is acceptable. A residence permit for 18 months is permissible for training and skill development. After four years of living in the country, internationally qualified professionals can receive a permanent settlement permit. Previously it was after five years of residing in Germany. They should also have the necessary German language skills to avail of the visa. *Want to study in Germany? Y-Axis is here to guide you. If you wish to make your future better in Germany, use Y-Axis German language coaching services.

Students and Trainees

According to the Act, students who have come to Germany for their studies can switch to vocational training if they are interested and search for a training place. The students should have

  • School leaving certificate
  • German B2 language skills
  • Not more than 25 years

The students can also apply for permanent residence after two years of completing the vocational training.

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