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Posted on June 18 2020

Germany and France to be most-visited Schengen nations post-pandemic

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

As per a survey conducted by SchengenVisaInfo.com, post-pandemic, Germany and France will continue to be the most visited Schengen nations.

2,636 respondents, belonging to 87 different third-countries, took part in the survey.

62% of the respondents said that they would visit Europe within the first month of border reopening.

In view of the COVID-19 special measures, it has been almost 3 months since non-EU/EEA citizens have been ineligible for entering the Schengen Area.

Throughout June, most of the countries in the Schengen Area are opening their borders for the citizens of other member states. Many Schengen Nations, especially those with an economy primarily dependent on tourism, are hoping for the European borders to open for international travellers by July.

While 80% of the travellers plan on visiting Schengen within the first 3 months of border reopening, 62.5% intend travelling within the first month of the reopening of borders.

As per the survey, post-pandemic, Germany – with 19.7% of all travellers – will receive the most travellers once the borders are reopened.

France, with 14.4%, was the second most favoured Schengen destination post the travel restrictions being lifted.

Country Percentage of travellers in survey planning to visit once borders reopen
Germany 19.7%
France 14.4%
The Netherlands 7.5%
Italy 6.0%
Spain 5.6%
Austria 5.3%
Switzerland 4.8%

The fact that Germany and France will be the most visited Schengen countries despite COVID-19 is not a surprising fact as such. Travel statistics down the years have proved that France and Germany are the Schengen countries that get the most number of international travellers, especially those visiting for tourism or on business.

As per Schengen Visa Statistics for 2019, in the previous year, German authorities overseas in charge of dealing with visa applications received as many as 2,171,309 Schengen visa requests.

On the other hand, in 2019, France received around 3,980,989 requests for France short-stay visas. This accounted for 23.4% of the total 16,955,541 Schengen visa applications that were filed abroad at the various consulates of the 26 Schengen Member States.

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