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Requirements of Canada Start Up visa for overseas entrepreneurs

Canada Start Up

Canada Start Up visa is an investment program that has been designed by the Canadian government to permit immigrant businessmen to launch new businesses in Canada. They are assisted by private sector organizations that are experienced and have expertise in collaborating with Start ups. Canada Start Up visa assists immigrants to obtain funds for business ideas and immigrate to Canada for ever.

Eligibility criterions for Canada Start Up visa:

For being able to sponsor the spouse the applicant of Canada Start Up visa must be:

For the principal applicant, the fee for Right of Permanent Residence is 475 Canadian Dollars. It is 75 CAD for a Principal applicant less than 22 years and who is not a common-law-partner or spouse. This includes child to be adopted, dependent child of the sponsor, nephew, niece, sister, orphaned brother, or grandchild orphaned brother.

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