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Canada Express Entry Draw Results, October 2022

Express Entry Draws of Oct-2022

Highlights: Express Entry Round-up, October 2022

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Details of Canada Express Entry draws held in October 2022

A look back of October 2022 Express Entry draws results of Canada!

IRCC held two Express Entry draws in October 2022 and issued  9,000  Invitations to Apply (ITAs). The details of the Express Entry draws held in October were given below:

Draw No.

Date of Draw

CRS cut-off

ITAs issued
#234 October 26, 2022 500 4,750
#233 October 12, 2022 496 4,250

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Express Entry Draw #233

IRCC held its first Express Entry Draw of the month, and invited 4,250 candidates on October 12, 2022. IRCC held sixth all-program draw in October 2022 and invited candidates having a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 500.

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Biggest Express Entry draw till date issued 4,250 invitations

Express Entry Draw #234

Canada held its first Express Entry Draw of October and invited 4,750 candidates on October 26, 2022.  Candidates having a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 496 were issued ITAs. These candidates will get the eligibility to apply for a Canada PR visa.
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Express Entry draw issued 4,750 ITAs with CRS score of 496

Why CRS score is important?

Express Entry holds draws every month and announces the cut-off scores. The candidates with the CRS score and above will be issued an Invitation to Apply by IRCC. If they have a low CRS score, i.e., below 450 then the candidates should try to improve their score or apply for a PNP nomination.

Here are the tips to increase your CRS Score

You can also improve your CRS score by following the below tips:

Tips Education Maximum Points

Tip 1:
Improve your language proficiency skills
Language Skills (English/French) + Education 50

Tip 2:
Get your ECA done
Canadian Work Experience + Education 50

Tip 3:
Adding Foreign Work Experience
Language Skills (English/French) + Foreign Work Experience 50
Foreign Work Experience + Canadian Work Experience 50

Tip 4:
Migrate along with your spouse
If you migrate along with your Spouse you can get additional points under the adaptability factor 60

Tip 5:
Get LMIA approved job offer
LMIA approved Job Offer 200

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How to improve your CRS in 2022

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