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Posted on November 02 2023

Breaking News: Canada inviting 1.5 Million PRs by 2026

By  Editor
Updated June 21 2024

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Highlights: Canada to invite 1.5 Million Immigrants by 2026

  • Canada intends to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025, and 500,000 in 2026.
  • To increase economic growth and to support family reunification.
  • Quebec plans to invite 50,000 immigrants in 2024.
  • The French Speaking permanent residents accounted to 6% in 2024, with a target of 7% in 2025, and 8% in 2026, outside Quebec.


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Canada to invite 1.5 million immigrants

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is releasing the information regarding Immigration Levels Plan for the year 2024 – 2026.

According to the plan, Canada intends to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025, and reach a plateau of 500,000 in 2026, based on the trajectory of the 2023–2025 Plan.

The plan aims in increasing economic growth and to support family reunification. This strategy acknowledges the sharp increase in immigration in recent years and provides assistance in times of humanitarian crisis.

With an achievement of a 4.4% target of French speaking permanent residents outside Quebec in 2022, the targets are now set for 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025, and 8% in 2026. 


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Immigrants in Canada

Immigrants in Canada play an important role in the market and in growing the Canadian economy now and in the future by also ensuring Canada has the skills necessary to meet key objectives such as supporting sustainability initiatives to transition to a green, and digital economy.

Welcoming newcomers also involves providing the resources and services such as housing and healthcare that both newcomers and Canadians need.

Communication, teamwork, coordination, and partnerships are crucial in order to welcome newcomers. Accordingly, in order to support integrated coordination and planning across levels of government as well as with partners and stakeholders, IRCC has made early steps to build a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to admissions planning.

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Canada Immigration levels plan, 2024 – 2026

  • The target for the total number of French speaking permanent residents represent 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025, and 8% in 2026. These are not included in the overall planned admissions of permanent residents. These are only for admissions outside Quebec.
  • Canadian experience class, Federal skilled trades program, and Federal skilled worker program are included here.
  • Time limited public policies for the admissions by the end of 2023, for the temporary resident to permanent resident pathways are included:

Immigration Class

























  • Self-employed persons and the start-up visa program.
  • Municipal nominee program admissions will be included.
  • Admissions in the Home support worker pilots, and Home child care provider, these include care for children and, for people who need top medical priority.
  • For Quebec, it has complete authority over selecting the immigrants destined to Quebec, under the Canada-Quebec Accord.
  • The immigrants target for Quebec is 37,990 in 2024, 34,500 in 2025, and 35,500 in 2026.
  • Streams for human rights defenders in need of protection, as well as LGBTQI+ individuals
  • Admissions for Afghanistan, Uyghurs and, other Turkic Muslims.
  • Admissions of people who have been selected on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
  • The target ranges for 2025 and 2026 will be confirmed by 1st of November, each year.


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Web Story:  News: Canada inviting 1.5 Million by 2026.


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