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Posted on December 11 2018

Which Universities in the US have maximum students studying abroad?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
most study abroad students

Among the Big Ten Universities, the University of Michigan has many students studying abroad. As per a new report, the University features in the top 3 in the US.

3,214 US students are studying in 139 countries earning credit in study abroad programs in 2016-17. This is as per the data from the Open Doors report issued by the Institute of International Education.

James Holloway says that studying abroad gives students a number of opportunities to achieve growth in many dimensions. He is the vice provost of the University of Michigan. He also says that intercultural engagement is vital in today’s world. It is also very important to value the differences among people from different nations. Study abroad helps students develop skills like self-dependence and creativity.

The Open Doors report provides the complete census of students going for abroad education in the US. However, the report does not give the total number of students who have gone abroad from the University of Michigan. The report also does not include non-US students. Students who go abroad for internships, projects, or research are also not included in the report.

If all these students were taken into account, the University of Michigan alone had 5,290 students studying abroad in 2016-2017. The number is higher than the Open Doors report.

Mr. Holloway said that 45% of the students graduating from the University of Michigan have international experience.

The Institution which had the maximum number of students studying abroad was the New York University.

Texas A&M University followed suit in 2nd place.

The University of Michigan takes special care of the safety of its international travelers. The University makes an assessment of the security situation across the globe and accordingly advises its students. It also stays in close touch with its students at international locations.

Students who are going abroad from the University of Michigan need to register their plans online. The online system supports emergency response internationally.

The number of international students at the University of Michigan has increased by 3.4%. There were 8,442 international students in the University in 2015-16. This placed the University of Michigan in the 16th place in terms of the number of international students, as per The Guardian.

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