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Posted on January 16 2023

Top Myths of Canada PNP

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

Myths and facts about Canada PNP

  • Immigrants go to provinces to work and not only to stay
  • Migrants contribute to the Canadian economy by paying taxes
  • PNP has about 80 immigration routes
  • Well-educated and well trained International workers can quickly meet the Canadian standards

After the United States of America hosted too many anti-immigration policies, people started to look out for Canada as a replacement for their American Dreams. Nevertheless, apart from just a replacement, there are too many reasons to settle in Canada. And the most significant of them all is Canada’s multiculturalism. The country has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. Canada is also an ideal place for people from the LGBTQ community. The North-American country became the first country outside Europe to legalize same-sex marriage. Canada is the 9th largest economy in the world and has a world-class education system. The Canadian government adopted the universal healthcare system in the 1960s, where you get free access to doctors and hospital visits.

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Canada has exceptional employee policies regarding the work environment, including mandated vacation leave, two weeks of paid vacation, and 6-10 provincial statutory holidays. It is one of the safest countries in the world, with a stable banking system and economy.

The government has introduced Provincial Nominee Program to encourage more expatriates. This program is for the workers who want to live in a particular province, have the education or work experience to contribute to that province, or wish to become a PR of the country.

Despite all the provisions mentioned earlier, many myths are still associated with the Provincial Nominee Program. This article will debunk a few of the most popular myths.

Myth 1: International workers need to meet the Canadian standard of employment.

People often have an idea that they can’t meet the requirements of Canadian employment. They have a misconception that the employment policies of the Canadian government only favor the citizens.

But the truth is that international workers are generally highly educated and well trained, and they are very much desirable by Canadian organizations.

Myth 2: Expats with plans to stay and not work opt for PNP

The PNP has a separate nomination scheme for each Canadian province and is tailored according to the local labor market requirements. And the program is designed to accept immigrants for job openings to fill shortages. Therefore, it is not true that the expats opt for PNP to stay or reunite with their family members.

Myth 3: PNP is only suitable for large enterprises

Several small and medium-sized businesses are using the Provincial Nominee Program in the country. PNP has about 80 immigration routes, so there are various options for hiring professionals with specific skills and experiences.

Myth 4: It is difficult for Canadian employers to get international workers

The hiring procedure for registered employers in Canada is straightforward, and they also get enough help from the provincial governments. However, the process becomes a bit taxing for local firms to hire international workers.

Myth 5: There are few job opportunities for expats under PNP

International workers and specialized professionals are always in high demand in provinces like Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario. Also, some of the provinces have high employment immigrant rates.

Myth 6: Locals don’t get jobs due to the immigrants

Canada has been providing meaningful opportunities for immigrants for many decades now. And generally, immigration has good and bad effects on both the immigrants and the host country. If, on the one hand, immigrants get a good quality of life, the best healthcare facilities, etc., the host country receives taxes from the expats.

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