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Posted on September 24 2022

Top 5 tips to overshadow your low GRE Score

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023


Many times the GRE test takers get demotivated by their low scores and either end up changing their thoughts about not going abroad or will choose to retake the GRE exam. What if you have planned to retake the test as you have planned everything to go abroad and you are remaining with less time? This article will help you in doing the right things at this time.

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Five tips to improve your overall application though you have low GRE scores

After getting low GRE scores, if you are not retaking the GRE exam. Then you need to concentrate on the remaining things that need to fill in your application. Following are the 5 tips that help you to enhance your overall profile and can overcome the obtained low GRE scores.

1. Prepare a pleasing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the most underrated aspect of graduate application processing.
  • Many students overlook it treating it to be just an essay about them. Commonly write monotonous stuff that never stands out.
  • In fact, the university admissions committee prioritizes the SOPs and their structure to some extent to check the interests that you have to study in their university.
  • Hence writing a pleasing and yet powerful SOP (Statement of Purpose) to the admission committee to create an impression.

2. Provide three strong recommendations

  • Letters of recommendation are also an important aspect of applying to a university. Most of the students just try to get a recommendation from one of their professors or from a colleague at their office.
  • But it is very important to understand getting the recommenders who talk about you in particular.
  • Most letters of recommendation are just mere samples that speak about the conduct of the student or the employee and provide no objection to recommending the student/employee to pursue a graduate course abroad.
  • But this doesn’t make you stand apart from others. Request your recommenders to make the Letter of recommendation look special by mentioning your specialties.
  • And the difference between you and others in your college or office, which makes you special along with the technical knowledge and knowledge of the domain you chose.
  • If the recommender is a professor from your college, then request him/her to write up about the involvement or role in a specific project which had affected the project's success. Your presence in the project made it very special. Ask them to provide the instances that support their statements.
  • If your recommender is your supervisor or a manager at the office, then ask them to provide examples, like how good you were at your job, helping to make others do their best.
  • Request them to give instances of your leadership qualities and impressive convincing skills. How you inspire the team by being a team player or an issue that you have solved a particular problem.
  • These kinds of instances that are mentioned in your letter of recommendation will give a great insight into your personality, rather than just being an applicant.

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3. Social welfare service

  • Community service is also one of the best points to talk about in graduate applications. Mentioning community service will be an amazing added asset to any profile of the student who is applying for a Postgraduate degree.
  • Besides the technical aspects and analytical skills, most good universities expect students to have fantastic leadership qualities.
  • Leadership qualities do not mean leading a college-level club or organizing great activities and college fests. These kinds of things help you to improve team-building skills as well as communication skills. But the college activities might not necessarily give you leadership skills.
  • Leadership is taking an action to solve a problem in your community or college or even neighborhood.
  • Leadership is leading some people to be successful in working for a collective cause or a goal.
  • Leadership is one in which you do something by yourself that positively inspires or affects the people around you.
  • These qualities will get shined when you work for the benefit of the community. By helping others, you can make yourself a better citizen, better leader, and overall a better person.
  • Hence go out and do something which is meaningful. Like, as joining an NGO, teaching kids to read and write, raising funds for cancer awareness, fighting for equal rights and women empowerment, beginning a hobby club, or anything that benefits society.
  • It will not just make your surroundings a better place, but also makes you a better person.
  • Meeting new people, helping someone you never knew, and working for a cause. These things will give a new point of view and motive to one’s life and help mature as an individual.
  • These kinds of leadership are what the admission committees expect in the students. They want the students to study at their university so much that, if the student has a good academic and great work profile and has demonstrated great leadership skills, the universities or colleges do not think twice before giving you a scholarship sometimes free.

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4. Sign up for a certificate course

  • If the student plans to show the admission committee that he/she is interested in studying the particular course or subject, then you have a chance to show that you already have taken 1 or 2 courses in a particular field.
  • Signing up for a certificate course before joining the graduate course in a college or a university, will give the admission committee a clear indication that you are a serious candidate, and that you are looking to learn the things you are passionate about.
  • There are many e-learning websites that provide certificate courses on several topics, from engineering topics to management topics, from sciences to philosophy, and from arts to medicine.
  • Hence go and sign up for any online courses and enhance your technical skills, upgrade your knowledge and gain more points in graduate admission.

5. Research about the colleges/universities

  • There are some good universities that do not require high GRE scores. The requirement for a GRE score differs from one department to another. As they depend on numerous factors like computation, reputation, and others.
  • Possibly maybe the department you are applying to accepts low GRE scores. So it’s always good to find the things from the college websites before deciding to apply.
  • If there is no such information available on the websites, you need to call directly or email the office of admissions. Check out the scores they normally consider if you come under their score brackets.
  • The admissions office will be more than happy to give out information to the applicants and will obtain the official data not the speculations from outsiders.

Now the ball is in court

By the EOD (End of the day), there is no guarantee that we get into your choice of university for sure, but getting a low GRE score should not stop you from going abroad. If you make your application standard high, then it speaks for itself.

If you want to excel in the entire process of application, then you can look out to improve your GRE score and also your overall profile. To see yourself at your dream university, follow the steps mentioned above.

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