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Posted on March 28 2022

Top 3 myths about work overseas

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Top 3 myths about work overseas

Working overseas can prove to be quite the eye-opener for most of us, in more ways than one.

While assimilating a different culture, learning a foreign language, and developing a taste for a new cuisine might be an integral part of the relocation and settlement process, there may be other challenges to face as well.

Regardless of what you might have heard from your friends or acquaintances regarding their experiences while working abroad, it is always advisable to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Here, we shall see the Top 3 most widely circulated myths about working abroad.

MYTH 1: International work experience is crucial to finding an overseas job.

Fact – While prior international work experience might be an added advantage and definitely boosts your resume, it is not essential for securing a job abroad.

With or without previous international work experience, what is really required is being good at the job that you are applying for.

Thorough research does go a long way. Always take the time to find out the best available opportunities for yourself. Opportunities that do justice to your education, work experience and skills.

A rule of thumb to be followed when looking for work abroad opportunities is to stay away from any “too-good-to-be-true” opportunities that are precisely what they promise to be. Not true, that is.

Also, be cautious when anyone offers you dubious deals involving a ‘guaranteed’ work visa for any country. Remember that granting or withholding a visa is the sole prerogative of the country involved.

No one can guarantee a visa for you. All that they can do is maximize the possibilities of your visa being successfully granted, while, at the same time, minimizing the chances of a rejection by addressing the common reasons for work visa rejection.

MYTH 2: It is difficult to fit in a foreign culture.

Fact – Global exposure will make you more valuable as an employee.

Living and working outside your comfort zone can be quite challenging for the most of us. However, it is only when we step out of the boundaries – geographical as well as emotional – that we can grow as an individual.

International recruitment is on the rise in multinationals across the world. Today, companies seek out individuals that have the potential and the ability of rising to the occasion, thinking on their feet, and leading from the front whenever the situation so demands.

Working under different circumstances, gaining hands-on experience managing people from diverse cultures, typically tend to add to the value of the worker upon returning to their home office.

With foreign exposure, the individual develops valuable insights and useful industry-specific knowledge.

Additionally, individuals that work overseas develop a certain level of empathy that develops by virtue of being immersed in a culture.

All in all, global working experience can turn the average worker into a valuable company asset.

MYTH 3: It is easier to secure a job offer abroad if you are already abroad.

Fact – While being abroad might help, you can easily find 100% genuine overseas jobs from your home country.

Generally, while in certain situations it might be helpful to already be within the country if you are exploring work overseas options in that specific country, it is not an absolute necessity.

With the advantage of living in a digital age on our side, you an easily log on to the internet and explore work overseas options from within your home country.

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