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Posted on May 06 2024

Top 10 in demand Jobs in Alberta

By  Editor
Updated May 06 2024

Alberta is the 4th largest province located in Western Canada. It is also known as the "Economic Engine of Canada." The province has a favorable tax environment along with affordable living costs. Alberta is a developing and prosperous province with many job benefits and opportunities for foreign workers.


People who are looking to apply for jobs in Alberta can apply via the Alberta streams for workers.

They Alberta streams as follows:


  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream


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Top in-demand jobs in Alberta

The table below has the list of top 10 in-demand jobs in Alberta with NOC codes and salaries.

Job Prospects

NOC Code

Annual Income

Registered Nurses


119,340.00 CAD

Paramedical Occupations


82,233.16 CAD

Software Engineers and Developers


122,413.20 CAD

Retail Sales Supervisor


58,039.84 CAD

Restaurant and Food Service Managers


693,172.36 CAD

Transport Truck Drivers


74,279.20 CAD

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics


104,725.24 CAD

Brick Layers


103,742.14 CAD

Pulp Mill Machine Operators


114,130.75 CAD

Human Resource Manager


140,356.34 CAD


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Top 10 in demand occupations in Alberta, Canada


Registered Nurses Jobs in Alberta

Registered nurses not only provide healthcare but also ensure that the public has primary health education. They also assist in administration and the research team. The nurses possess skills such as coordination and leadership among interdisciplinary departments and the ability to think quickly and critically.


For Registered Nurses, a Bachelor's degree in nursing validated by ECA and registration with CARNA are required.


  • Number of job openings: 38,900 openings
  • NOC code: 31301
  • Average annual salary: 119,340.00 CAD


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Para Medical Occupation Jobs in Alberta

Paramedics provide the required medical services in case of emergencies. There are three types of people that fall under this category, that are:


  1. Emergency medical responder (EMR)
  2. Primary care paramedic (PCP)
  3. Advanced care paramedic (ACP)


  • Number of job openings: 6,300 openings
  • NOC code: 31302
  • Average annual salary: 82,233.16 CAD


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Software Engineers and Developer Jobs in Alberta

The IT industry in Alberta has raised more than $2.7 billion in venture capital funds, creating more jobs for software engineers and developers. The engineers and developers are responsible for designing and working on the software applications, information warehouse, and telecommunications, running a database, and working with operating systems.


  • Number of job openings: 4,700 openings
  • NOC code: 21231
  • Average annual salary: 122,413.20 CAD


Looking for Software Engineer And Developer Jobs In Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Retail Sales Supervisor Jobs in Alberta

The retail industry in Alberta provides employment for nearly 15% of the province population. As a retail supervisor the person is responsible for various tasks such as training the sales worker and assigning them duties. They also need to supervise the staff in the establishment they work in.


  • Number of job openings: 95,700 openings
  • NOC code: 62010
  • Average annual salary: 58,039.84 CAD


Want to apply for Retail Sales Supervisor Jobs In Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Restaurant and Food Service Manager Jobs in Alberta

The primary responsibility of a restaurant and food service manager is to plan and organize the day to day operations in the establishments such as bars, restaurants, cafes and the other related food and beverage related services. They have a full and direct control on these activities.

  • Number of job openings: 12,600 openings
  • NOC code: 60030
  • Average annual salary: 693,172.36 CAD


Looking for Restaurant And Food Service Managers jobs in Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Transport Truck Driver Jobs in Alberta

There are various types of truck drivers, such as tractor-trailers, long-haul truck drivers, and short-haul truck drivers. Truck drivers are mainly employed in various sectors, such as moving and distribution, transport agencies, and manufacturing companies.


  • Number of job openings: 38,300 openings
  • NOC code: 73300
  • Average annual salary: 74,279.20 CAD


Looking for Transport Truck Driver Jobs In Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Jobs in Alberta

The heavy duty equipment mechanics are employed by industries that use heavy equipment or the dealers of heavy equipment. These mechanics are responsible for maintaining, repairing, overhauling, troubleshooting and adjusting the heavy duty equipment.


  • Number of job openings: 16,900 openings
  • NOC code: 72401
  • Average annual salary: 104,725.24 CAD


Looking for Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Jobs In Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Pulp Mill Machine Operator Jobs in Alberta

Pulp Mill Machine Operators monitor various machines and equipment and assist with different tasks related to producing, coating, and finishing paper. These people are employed by pulp or paper-making companies.


  • Number of job openings: 9,432 openings
  • NOC code: 93120
  • Average annual salary: 114,130.75 CAD


Looking for Pulp Machine Operator Jobs In Alberta? Reach out to Y- Axis for complete guidance.


Human Resource Manager Jobs in Alberta

With the increasing job opportunities and growth in the business sector, a huge demand for Human Resources has been generated. The average increase of 2% from 2019-2023 has increased the market share of Human Resources to $445 million.


  • Number of job openings: 2,500 openings
  • NOC code: 10011
  • Average annual salary: 140,356.34 CAD


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Brick Layers Jobs in Alberta

The role of bricklayers is preparing and laying bricks and other units required in constructing and repairing various structures, such as patios, walls, hoses, fireplaces, gazebos, arches, and chimneys. These people are mostly hired by construction companies.


  • Number of job openings: 1,700 openings
  • NOC code: 72320
  • Average annual salary: 103,742.14 CAD


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