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Posted on December 14 2018

How to Study Abroad debt-free?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Study Abroad debt-free

One of the biggest hurdles to studying abroad is the high cost. Often, because of the high cost involved many aspiring students give up on their dreams to Study Abroad.

However, it may be possible to study abroad debt-free with hard work, research, and planning. Scholarships, summer jobs, and grants may be able to help you afford to study abroad. Thorough research is the most important if you wish to study abroad debt-free.

If money is a constraint, then exchange programs are a great option for you. When you enroll in an exchange program you are still enrolled at your University. However, you receive financial assistance to study abroad. Your tuition fee stays constant while the excess fund may be used for housing and food.

Choosing an exchange program instead of directly going abroad can be much less expensive.

Another way to earn money while you learn is to get a job. Surely, this is not easy. However, a part-time job during your course or a full-time job during summers can help you earn extra money. The extra cash can help fund your study abroad program.

However, try not to settle for a minimum wage job. Instead, it is better to pick up side jobs which require lesser hours and commitment. These jobs tend to pay better in regards to the time required.

The best way, by far, to study abroad debt-free is to take advantage of as many grants and scholarships as possible. Begin by looking at the ones available to only students of your University.

You may also be able to find other options for scholarships and grants on Google. However, you should exercise caution while applying for any of it. Make sure that you only apply through trusted sources. Sticking with Government websites is the safest way possible, as per Independent Collegian.

There are a number of scholarships and grants available for students wishing to study abroad. Some of them may be hard to get but you should work hard for it. You should try and apply for as many scholarships and grants that you meet the eligibility criteria of. This is a sure shot way of achieving your dream to study abroad debt-free.

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