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Posted on November 29 2018

Malta brings new changes to Student Visa

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Malta brings new changes to Student Visa

Malta has brought new changes to its Student Visa for Overseas Immigrants. The aim is to streamline the entire process for Overseas Students. In addition, the changes include work rights as well.

The Government wishes to make Malta attractive to Overseas Students. It also hopes to maintain a good reputation for the local education system. The modified Student Visa allows private education providers to focus on markets where Malta doesn’t allow consular presence. It lets Overseas Students to apply for the visa without being there in person.

The current situation in Malta is not healthy for the country and its education sectors. It is affecting the economy as well. According to the modified Student Visa, Overseas students will be allowed to work 20 hours a week. However, they would have to enroll in a higher education course for more than 90 days. They can even extend their stay in the country for 6 months after graduation.

The Government wants to retain the talented Overseas Students in the country. They think this way the students would find the right job as well. English language students who study for more than 3 months in the country can work too. To apply for Permanent Residency, they would have to extend their stay for over a year.

James Perry, FELTOM CEO is hopeful that these changes would make Malta an attractive destination to Overseas Students. The possibility of working while studying is one aspect of Overseas Education that students look for, he added.

As reported by The Pie News, this Student Visa would allow students to start working on the 13th-week post arrival. The work license is issued the moment their Student Visa is approved. Mr. Perry further added that they would monitor the progress of this initiative. They would suggest improvements if needed.

FELTOM arranged for walk-ins last year making it easy for tourists to convert to a Student Visa. They make sure only real students obtain the Visa. That is why they would need the Education Ministry and the police to maintain a system for students’ data.

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