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Posted on January 13 2018

New Zealand faces shortage of skilled professionals

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

New Zealand’s business growth is struggling as it faces a shortage of talented professionals and the country would need to hire more International Workers, says a new report, adding that IT is one of the sectors that has been hit more than the others.

It adds that business houses will find it tough to fulfill their optimal potential if talented workers from other countries are not recruited.

Shay Peters, a hiring consultant, was quoted by ExpatForum. com as saying that the IT sector is struggling in its ability to attract the crème-de-la-crème of talent. Attracting New Zealand expatriates back may be one of the solutions, it was suggested.

The annual salary survey shows that employees have the upper hand now with over 80 percent of them feeling upbeat about the numerous opportunities available in 2018, in the country, owing to a flourishing economy and massive government project initiatives on the anvil.

Peters said that besides the survey, the feedback they received from employers after engaging with them on a daily basis was that the scarcity of talented candidates is on an upward path. When this is combined with the government's intent to restrict immigration, businesses are feeling the heat.

According to him, the Australasian country would need to tweak its policy to attract its expatriates back to their homeland. He adds that the lifestyle balance offered by New Zealand would need to be marketed and salaries need to be on par with those being offered by the US, the UK and the countries in Asia.

Peters feels that the side effects of Brexit and the unstable political climate prevailing in the United States are making New Zealand a more attractive option for many of their expatriates. This would aid in meeting the large requirement of Skilled Workers in their country.


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