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Posted on February 28 2023

My journey as an Architect from India to Canada

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

My journey as an Architect from India to Canada

We used to live in the countryside of one of the biggest cities of India not because we couldn’t afford a city life. It was because my parents loved the countryside and wanted me and my brother to live there and learn the actual values of life. We have a huge backyard and a front garden where we used to play various games and sports. All of us together used to plant trees, plants, and vegetables. Life in the countryside taught us to be self-reliant and live a sustainable life.

After completing my twelfth class exam, I realized that the world needs more sustainability in our daily life. I have always been very driven to construct new structures with sustainable means. Therefore, I opted for a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) and entered a good college. After completing this five-year course, I even wanted to go for the Master’s to understand this field better. But then my father suggested gaining work experience to get the best knowledge.

I chose to work as a Landscape Architect as per my interest and got a job with a company in the nearest city. I worked there for two years and learned a lot of things about the profession. Also, I realized that countries like India don’t have many opportunities for landscape architects. And I know one of my classmates who work in Canada in the same profession. I contacted her and asked her about all the procedures she underwent to go to the country. She responded that she took the help of an immigration company called Y-Axis, and they took care of everything.

I approached Y-Axis, and it was a fantastic experience to have worked with them! They literally take everything upon themselves and make the entire process so much easier.

Express Entry System

Y-Axis guides you through the entire Express Entry system that has been established to fulfill labor shortages in the country. The Express Entry system is governed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Let’s discuss all the assistance they provide in detail!

  • IELTS coaching: I scored well in my IELTS exam. I even took their IELTS coaching services to ensure that there is no loophole in my preparations.
  • Educational Credential Assessment report: The Y-Axis team prepared an Educational Credential Assessment report for me.
  • Job Search: The team Y-Axis research meticulously to select the most suitable jobs for you. The company has designed job search services to find a good job for their clients.
  • Visa Interview: Y-Axis also prepared me for the visa interview.

Invitation to Apply

After undergoing this entire process, I finally received an Invitation to Apply for Canada. This was an extraordinary moment in my and my family’s life as I can now pursue what I have wanted to do for so long. It resulted from all the blessings of my parents and the lovely relationship I have with my brother.

Applying for Canada PR

With the help of Y-Axis, I was able to apply for Canada permanent residency. They even prepared a requirement checklist for the Canada PR application to ease up the process for me.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I reached Toronto a week later I received confirmation from the IRCC. It took almost six months to process the application. My entire family came to drop me off in the country. I got an opportunity to work with a Toronto-based company, and the first thing we did was search for a place to live in the city. And then, we all travelled the country together for a week, and soon after, they left for India.

I want to thank Y-Axis for putting so much effort into making my dream come true. This wouldn’t have been so easy if they did not step in!

If you are also interested in immigrating to Canada, contact Y-Axis – the right path is the Y-path, i.e., Y-Axis.


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