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Posted on December 28 2022

Jobs outlook in France for 2023

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

How is France Job Market in 2023?

  • Number of job vacancies in France available in August 2022 was 322,000 while in July it was 337,000
  • The three provinces where more jobs are available can be found in the table below:
Province Jobs increase percentage
Paris region of Île-de-France 75
Normandy 59
Brittany 57


  • GDP growth of France went may go up to 2.7 percent this year. Currently, it has reached 2.5 percent.
  • The unemployment rate in France was 7.3 percent in August 2022
  • The number of working hours in France is 35 hours a week and 7 hours a day. If workers work for more than this time, companies have to pay overtime.

Job outlook in France, 2023

France is the second biggest economy in the European Union and the economic growth may drop by 1 percent in 2023. In spite of this, 68 percent of people in France have a desire to improve their living conditions. It has been expected that between2019 and 2030, around 1 million jobs will be created. Jobs will be available in different sectors and some of them have been described here.

IT and Software

Software development in France is considered as a hot career. The industry in the country is worth 17.6 billion euros and the market is growing at a fast pace. France is ranked 5th in the case of number of programmers available in the world. It is expected that the industry will grow by 15 percent each year. The average salary of a Software Engineer in France is 46.800 EUR. The lowest average salary is 22,500 EUR while the highest one is 73,600 EUR.

Sales and Marketing

The demand of sales and marketing professionals is high in France. The average salary that a sales and marketing professional can earn in France is 55,600 EUR per annum. The lowest average salary is 25,800 EUR while the highest can go up to 92,200 per year. The salaries for different marketing professionals can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Marketing Manager 88,000 EUR
Chief Marketing Officer 84,800 EUR
Brand Manager 77,500 EUR
Market Development Manager 71,700 EUR
Brand Ambassador 69,700 EUR
Search Marketing Strategist 68,000 EUR
Marketing Distribution Executive 67,800 EUR
Trade Marketing Manager 67,700 EUR
Marketing Executive 67,600 EUR
Product Marketing Manager 67,400 EUR
Market Segmentation Director 65,600 EUR
Digital Marketing Manager 62,700 EUR
Event Marketing 62,500 EUR
Assistant Product Manager 61,500 EUR
Marketing Consultant 61,500 EUR
Market Research Manager 60,400 EUR
Research Executive 59,900 EUR
Localization Manager 58,000 EUR
Marketing Communications Manager 58,000 EUR
Product Development 58,000 EUR
Market Research Analyst 57,000 EUR
Assistant Brand Manager 53,800 EUR
Affiliate Manager 52,800 EUR
Trade Marketing Professional 50,600 EUR
Marketing Advisor 50,000 EUR
Marketing Analyst 49,500 EUR
Outreach Specialist 49,000 EUR
Marketing Specialist 41,400 EUR
Marketing Officer 27,900 EUR
Communications Officer 27,100 EUR
Marketing Coordinator 26,900 EUR
Marketing Associate 26,200 EUR
Sales and Marketing Assistant 25,800 EUR
Telemarketer 25,100 EUR


Finance and Accounting

The average salary for finance and accounting professionals is 51,000 EUR. The lowest average salary is 20,600 EUR while the highest is 102,000 EUR. Salaries for different accounting professionals can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Vice President of Finance 96,600 EUR
Finance President 95,300 EUR
Financial Manager 92,000 EUR
Deputy CFO 90,800 EUR
Financial Manager 90,300 EUR
Financial Operations Manager 84,800 EUR
Finance Relationship Manager 81,900 EUR
Risk Management Director 81,200 EUR
Finance Team Leader 77,000 EUR
Management Economist 75,200 EUR
Accounting Manager 73,700 EUR
Investment Fund Manager 72,600 EUR
Tax Manager 72,300 EUR
Budget Manager 71,900 EUR
Fraud Prevention Manager 70,100 EUR
Credit and Collection Manager 69,700 EUR
Auditing Manager 69,600 EUR
Investment Analyst 69,400 EUR
Finance Executive 69,100 EUR
Financial Project Manager 67,700 EUR
Accounts Receivable Manager 67,200 EUR
Finance Licensing Manager 66,900 EUR
Cost Accounting Manager 65,300 EUR
Accounts Payable Manager 65,100 EUR
Risk Management Supervisor 65,100 EUR
Investor Relations Manager 65,000 EUR
Corporate Treasurer 64,500 EUR
KYC Team Leader 63,900 EUR
Payroll Manager 63,700 EUR
Financial Reporting Manager 63,200 EUR
Revenue Recognition Analyst 62,100 EUR
Private Equity Analyst 62,000 EUR
Financial Analyst 61,900 EUR
Audit Supervisor 61,300 EUR
Assistant Accounting Manager 60,700 EUR



The average salary for a healthcare professional in France is 74,000 EUR. The lowest average salary is 15,500 while the highest can go up to 221,000. The salaries for different healthcare professionals can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Physician - Family Practice 99,800 EUR
Physician - Occupational Medicine 99,600 EUR
Optometrist 98,500 EUR
Respiratory Care Practitioner 98,000 EUR
Clinical Neuropsychologist 96,900 EUR
Clinical Microbiologist 96,600 EUR
Practice Manager 96,600 EUR
Clinical Scientist 93,900 EUR
Correctional Treatment Specialist 92,900 EUR
Nursing Director 92,700 EUR
Physician - Otolaryngology 92,200 EUR
Physical Therapy Director 92,000 EUR
Dietitian 91,900 EUR
Academic Clinician 91,500 EUR
Physician - Pulmonary Medicine 91,400 EUR
Physician - Ophthalmology 91,200 EUR
Physiotherapist 90,000 EUR
General Medical Practitioner 89,500 EUR
Allergist 88,000 EUR
Public Health Analyst 87,500 EUR
Physician - Geriatrics 86,600 EUR
Podiatrist 86,200 EUR
Administrative Director 86,100 EUR
Prosthetist 86,000 EUR
Optician 85,500 EUR
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor 84,500 EUR
Immunologist 84,400 EUR
Director of Medical Staff Services 84,300 EUR
Mental Health Therapist 84,300 EUR
Radiographer 84,000 EUR
Physician - Pain Medicine 83,800 EUR
Public Health Specialist 83,200 EUR
Audiologist 82,400 EUR
Clinical Biochemist 82,100 EUR
Speech and Language Pathologist 82,100 EUR
Physical Therapist 81,700 EUR
Genetic Counselor 81,400 EUR
Registered Respiratory Therapist 81,000 EUR
Medical Insurance Manager 80,800 EUR
Medical Office Manager 79,800 EUR
Epidemiologist 79,400 EUR
Low Vision Therapist 79,400 EUR
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist 78,600 EUR
Clinical Molecular Geneticist 78,500 EUR
Respiratory Therapist 76,200 EUR
Physician Assistant 74,900 EUR
Occupational Health Advisor 74,300 EUR
Skin Care Specialist 74,200 EUR
Respiratory Manager 73,600 EUR
Patient Services Director 73,000 EUR
CME Specialist 72,600 EUR
Interventional Radiographer 72,400 EUR
Infection Preventionist 71,300 EUR
Medical Policy Manager 70,300 EUR
Clinical Genetic Technologist 69,800 EUR
Ambulatory Services Director 69,100 EUR
Patient Care Manager 68,700 EUR
Ward Manager 68,700 EUR
Laboratory Manager 68,400 EUR
Clinical Cytogeneticist 68,200 EUR
Cytogenetic Technologist 68,200 EUR
Clinic Manager 68,100 EUR
Cardiovascular Technologist 67,700 EUR
Advanced Nutrition Aide 67,000 EUR
Biomedical Engineering Director 66,800 EUR
Occupational Health Safety Specialist 66,600 EUR
Quality Assurance Manager 66,600 EUR
Assistant Director of Nursing 65,900 EUR
Theatre Manager 65,700 EUR
Healthcare Consultant 65,600 EUR
Medical Records Director 64,700 EUR
Enterostomal Therapist 62,200 EUR
Health Technologist 62,100 EUR
Psychometrist 62,100 EUR
Advanced Practice Provider 61,800 EUR
Histotechnologist 61,600 EUR
Food Services Director 61,300 EUR
Occupational Therapist 60,600 EUR
Dosimetrist 60,200 EUR
Chiropractor 60,100 EUR



The average salary for hospitality professionals is 33,000 EUR per year. The salary ranges from 12,500 EUR to 92,200 EUR. The salaries of different hospitality professionals can be found in the table below:

Job Title Average Salary
Hospitality Director 91,100 EUR
Hotel Manager 88,100 EUR
Cluster Director 74,600 EUR
Fleet Manager 74,500 EUR
Regional Restaurant Manager 65,900 EUR
Assistant Hospitality Manager 65,000 EUR
Food Service Manager 64,000 EUR
Hotel Sales Manager 63,400 EUR
Assistant Food and Beverage Director 62,200 EUR
Restaurant Manager 60,500 EUR
Food and Beverage Manager 59,600 EUR
Room Reservations Manager 58,300 EUR
Club Manager 57,200 EUR
Cluster Revenue Manager 57,000 EUR
Food Service Director 56,800 EUR
Casino Shift Manager 55,900 EUR
Room Service Manager 54,000 EUR
Coffee Shop Manager 53,100 EUR
Guest Service Executive 52,000 EUR
Motel Manager 49,400 EUR
Hotel Service Supervisor 48,300 EUR
Food Consultant 47,800 EUR
Tour Consultant 45,100 EUR
Fine Dining Restaurant Chef 44,600 EUR
Fine Dining Cook 44,400 EUR
Corporate Travel Consultant 44,200 EUR
Corporate Sous Chef 43,200 EUR
Travel Consultant 42,200 EUR
Supervisor of Food Services 38,700 EUR
Beverage Manager 36,900 EUR
Bakery Manager 36,300 EUR
Duty Manager 35,900 EUR
Conference Services Manager 35,700 EUR
Buffet Manager 35,000 EUR
Sous Chef 34,200 EUR
Front Office Manager 33,900 EUR
Executive Chef 33,100 EUR
Assistant Tour Manager 31,800 EUR
Kitchen Manager 28,600 EUR
Cafeteria Manager 28,400 EUR
Banquet Manager 26,300 EUR


Apply for France work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility The following eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled to apply for a France work visa:

  • A valid passport
  • A job offer from a France employer
  • A checklist of requirements mentioned in the application form
  • Applicants can work till the time mentioned in the work permit

Step 2: Choose your work visa There are different types of France work visas and candidates need to apply for any one of them to work in France. The list of France work visas is given below: The Talent Passport visas

  • Specific French work visas for high potentials
    • The EU Blue Card visa
    • The Skilled employee visa
    • The Expatriate assignment visa
    • The Employee visa
  • The Temporary Worker visa
  • The seconded – Intra Company Transfer visa
  • The Entrepreneur Visa
  • The Seasonal worker visa

Step 3: Get your qualifications recognized Step 4: Arrange a checklist of requirements

  • France visa application form should be duly filled
  • Two passport-size photos not older than three months
  • Passport whose validity should be three months after stay duration is over
  • Proof of financial means
  • Criminal record certificate
  • France visa fee payment receipt

Step 5: Apply for France Work Visa

How can Y-Axis assist you?

Y-Axis will provide the services listed below to get a Canada work visa:

  • Counseling: Y-Axis provides free counseling services.
  • Job services: Avail job search services to find jobs in France
  • Reviewing requirements: Your requirements will be reviewed by our experts for your visa
  • Requirements collections: Get the checklist of requirements needed to apply for a France work visa
  • Application form filling: Get help for filling the application form

Are you looking to work overseas? Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no. 1 overseas career consultant. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like … France issued 270,925 residence permits in 2021


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