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Posted on March 03 2022

Conditions you need to fulfill before moving to Germany

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

More than 9 million foreigners live in Germany. This country is becoming the second most popular destination globally, after the United States of America. Many migrants come to Germany every year for a better life. The coming of immigrants in Germany enriched and diversified the Germany society. The education system of Germany is renowned, and because of this, multiple Indian students choose to pursue higher education in Germany. Germany is the destination for popular holiday destinations and attracts tourists from all over the world. *Evaluate your eligibility to Germany through Y-Axis Germany Immigration Points Calculator.

Requirements for moving to Germany

The reasons to move to Germany vary from employment to migration. Germany is open for education, business, family meetings, or immigration residence permits. For the reasons mentioned, you need to meet specific criteria. The requirements are

  • Proof of financial stability, regardless of the intent of the visit
  • Valid health insurance
  • Must know how to speak in German
  • Attend interviews by Government officials to verify that they are fit to move to Germany

Visiting Germany for a trip and settling there is different. Both have other procedures and requirements. The latter requires fulfilling certain conditions and essential paperwork.

Why is Germany so popular for immigration?

Germany has an efficient welfare system. The principle of the welfare system is there in the country's law. In this way, Germany protects and enhances the lives of its citizens. The state will take care of the person if they cannot take care of themselves. If the person cannot live a dignified life, the German Government will come to aid for that. Economic benefits for the people in Germany People who are unemployed in Germany can claim support from the Government. Unemployed people are entitled to benefits. A total of 60 percent of the net income is allotted to those who do not have children. And, 67 percent is allocated for those who have children.

  • Aged people in Germany are given pensions to bear the expenses.
  • The German-based companies, such as Adidas, BMW, Volkswagen, and Siemens, employ many people every year. Germany has succeeded in including immigrants in a better way in the workforce.
  • The taxpayers with children can avail themselves of Kindergeld, which is child benefits policy Parents claim it until their child turns into an adult. In some cases, it can continue until they attain 25. It can happen only if they are in school or meet other requirements for the policy extension.
  • Economic migrants can avail this allowance system.

Aid for the unemployed

The benefits of the country are paid for those who have never even worked in  Germany. They need to report themselves as "unemployed." The unemployment rate in Germany was 4.7 percent in 2015. The demand for engineers, doctors, and IT specialists is there in the country. *Need assistance for job seeker visa to Germany, Y-Axis is here to assist you in all the ways.

Benefits for students

Graduates in Germany, both natives, and foreign students, can pursue their academics for free. If a person cannot speak German, the medium of instruction can be changed to English. There is an increasing selection of  English-language programs for foreign students. *If you need guidance to study in Germany, Y-Axis, is here to assist you. The other attractive features of the country are

  • Good jobs
  • Good salaries
  • Clean environment
  • Low crime rates
  • Ample leisure-time
  • Cultural attractions
  • Efficient public transport

The strong economy and welfare system are the primary reasons, apart from the above-mentioned points as to why one should think of migrating to Germany. If you need guidance for business visa to Germany, Y-Axis is there for you. Contact Y-Axis Coaching Services to get expertise in German language.


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