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Posted on March 23 2022

Canada’s Top 10 Places for Immigrants

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada’s Top 10 Places for Immigrants Canada is considered one of the best countries for people willing to migrate and settle abroad. With its stable and robust economy, the nation provides many opportunities for international newcomers. The inclusion of immigrants makes Canada a melting pot of diverse cultures. The people who moved to Canada have benefitted from rewards given to immigrants. This has had symbiotic progress for Canada and its immigrants. Read on to know about the best places for immigrants in Canada. *Check your eligibility for Canada with Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Plans for Immigrants

Earlier in 2022, the Canadian government had aimed to bring 81,000+ new immigrants and more than eighty-three thousand by 2023. The new immigration plans to increase the number by more than two thousand by 2022. Canada had set a target of 341,000 for 2020 and 350,000 for 2021. The Conference Board of Canada 'Can't Go It Alone’ concludes that immigration is the most effective measure to tackle labor shortages in Canada. ** If you want to study in Canada, look no further than Y-Axis.

Top 10 Places in Canada for Immigrants

Ottawa, Canada's capital, was ranked as the best place to live for new immigrants to Canada. In the scoring system, extra weightage is given to employment rate and cultural diversity when comparing cities of the provinces and territories. The capital city topped in average income, taxes, crime rates, and weather. Here's a list of some of Canada's best places for immigrants.
Sl. No City Province Percentage of Immigrants Employment Rate (in percent)
1 Ottawa Ontario 20 93.4
2 Gatineau Quebec 9 94.5
3 Waterloo Ontario 25 94.8
4 Brossard Quebec 36 94.7
5 Delta British Columbia 27 95.1
6 Saanich British Columbia 17 94.8
7 Burlington Ontario 18 95.1
8 Regina Saskatchewan 12 94.8
9  St. Albert Alberta 9 94.9
10 Guelph Ontario 17 95.2
So, which place would you choose in Canada to immigrate? *Do you wish to migrate to Canada? Y-Axis is here to assist you.

Provinces and Territories of Canada

The list of provinces and territories of Canada is listed below:
Sl. No Provinces & Territory Capital Population (in millions) Largest City Industries
1 British Columbia Victoria 4.4 Vancouver Fishing, mining, small businesses, and start-up ventures
2 Alberta Edmonton 3.6 Calgary Energy, agriculture, forestry, skilled work, and trade
3 Saskatchewan Regina 1 Saskatoon Oil,  gas, potash, uranium,  wood products,  foods and beverages, chemicals, and machinery
4 Manitoba Winnipeg 1.2 Winnipeg Food, machinery, mining, transportation, equipment, and clothing
5 Ontario Toronto 12 Toronto Information and Technology, journalism, arts and culture, and forestry
6 Quebec Quebec City 7.9 Montreal Tourism, design, hydroelectric power, software development, and commerce
7 New Brunswick Fredericton 0.7 NA Fishing, forestry, energy, mining, tourism, and manufacturing
8 Nova Scotia Halifax 0.9 NA Offshore and inland fishing, mining,  drilling, and shipping
9 Prince Edward Island Charlottetown 0.1 NA Agriculture, tourism, and small businesses
10 Newfoundland and Labrador St. John’s 0.5 NA Energy, fisheries, mining, forestry, service industry, and tourism
11 Nunavut Iqaluit 0.03 NA Mining and resource development
12 Yukon Whitehorse 0.03 NA Mining, business and administration, fishing, film industry, and tourism in the summer
13 Northwest Territories Yellowknife 0.04 NA Energy, diamonds, mining, business, and economic development sector
[embed][/embed] Are you looking for guidance to apply for permanent residency in Canada?  Contact Y-Axis, the No. 1 Overseas Immigration Consultant. If you found this blog interesting, you may want to read How to certify your foreign education and professional credentials in Canada


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