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Posted on February 06 2020

Quick guide to Canada PR through Prince Edward Island

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada PR PEI

Prince Edward Island [PEI], also commonly referred to as “the Island” by the residents of PEI, is one of the Maritime provinces of Canada.

By Maritime Provinces of Canada is implied the 3 provinces of – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

PEI is one of the provinces taking part in the Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] of Canada.

Here, let us go through a quick guide to Canada permanent residency via Prince Edward Island.

How can I get Canada PR through PEI? Apply through Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program [PEI PNP].
Why should I apply through PNP? When you apply through the PNP, there are more chances of the Federal Government of Canada issuing you an Invitation to Apply [ITA] for Canadian PR.
How will my chances be increased? A provincial nomination through PNP adds 600 additional points to your Comprehensive Ranking System [CRS] score while your profile is in the Express Entry [EE] pool.
Am I eligible for PEI PNP?

You must:

  • Meet requirements of at least 1 economic immigration programs – FSTP, FSWP, CEC – run by the federal government.
  • Create EE profile and enter the pool of candidates.

Note. - You can create your profile online at any time through the IRCC [Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada].

Is a job offer in PEI compulsory? No. A job offer in PEI is not mandatory to be eligible for PEI PNP. However, preference will be given to those with a valid job offer in PEI.
My profile is in the EE pool. Which program do I have to apply to? PEI Express Entry
My profile is NOT in the EE pool. Which program do I have to apply to? Skilled Worker Outside PEI
How to apply? Lodge an Expression of Interest [EOI] by creating a profile online in the Prince Edward Island Expression of Interest System
What is an EOI? EOI Stands for Expression of Interest. An EOI is not an application. It is only a way of indicating your interest for being considered to apply through the PEI PNP.
Can I make more than 1 EOI profiles? Applicants can have only 1 active profile at any given time.
How long will my EOI profile be valid? Your profile will be active for 6 months.
I created my profile 6 months ago. What do I do now? You will have to re-submit with the same login credentials.
How much do I have to pay for EOI? There is no fee for creating an EOI.
What happens if I am nominated? You can accept or reject the PEI nomination. You will be sent an email notifying you of the nomination, along with instructions on how to apply for PEI PNP.
What is the application fee to be paid? CAD 300

Do keep in mind that if there is any difference in your circumstances between the time of creating your EOI profile and you are receiving an ITA, you can make the changes to your profile. If, on the other hand, there are changes after your receiving an ITA, you must notify the Office of Immigration of the same at once.

For further guidance and assistance, get in touch with us today!!

 Commonly Used Abbreviations:

PEI Prince Edward Island
PNP Provincial Nominee Program
FSTP Federal Skilled Trades Program
FSWP Federal Skilled Worker Program
CEC Canadian Experience Class
EE Express Entry
EOI Expression of Interest
PR Permanent Resident

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