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Posted on June 21 2018

Australia immigration hopefuls beware of fraudulent job offers and scams

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Fraudulent Job Offers

Immigration aspirants to Australia must be cautious of fraudulent job offers and diverse others scams in the immigration and visa industry.

My Health Declarations:

This is a service for applicants that are yet to file the application for a visa. These are required to undergo examinations for health before doing so. The crooked agents take advantage of this facility ad lure clients by offering proof that visa applications have been submitted on their behalf. But the applications are never filed actually. The visa grant letters that are given to clients by them are actually Fraudulent Documents.

The Subclass 651 E-Visitor Visa Scam:

Only specific nationals are qualified to apply for the Australia Subclass 651 E-Visitor Visa. The list of eligible citizens is available on the DHA website. Those who do not come under this list cannot legally obtain this visa, as quoted by the Home Affairs Gov AU.

Fraud operators are charging huge amount of money for arranging Australia visas. These include those for purposes of employment, business and tourism. The visas are obtained by the fraud agents based on fake personal details. These are subject to being canceled and cannot be utilized for arriving in Australia.

The Subclass 988 Maritime Crew Visa Scam:

DHA has informed that there are several instances of Fraudulent Complaint in connection with Subclass 988 Maritime Crew Visa. Fake agents are charging several thousand Australian dollars for allegedly arranging visa and employment contract. This is for jobs on maritime vessels working in or traveling to Australia.

A few of the Subclass 988 Maritime Crew Visas are offered online automatically. The deceitful agents lure people by showing them what is visible as legal visas on the website of the DHA.

 On the other hand, these visas are procured based on fake claims and are subject to being canceled. These visas authorize arrival to Australia as a lawful member of the crew on a vessel only via sea. Maritime Crew Visa does not authorize arrival to Australia by air. A unique visa is needed for this purpose.

“Australia offering 100,000 PR Visas to Indian Citizens” Scam:

Fraudulent Operators have launched a website that has a false press release regarding Australia visas being offered to Indians. The government of Australia is not offering any visa to people who submit this form. Immigrant aspirants are advised not to submit this form as it is a swindle.

United Nations - Australia Global Family Resettlement and Special Humanitarian Scam:

Crooked operators are cheating clients to believe that they have been offered the Australia Family Resettlement. This is under the Global Special Humanitarian scheme of the United Nations. For adding legitimacy to their claims, clients are being given documents that look official on fake UN letterheads.

Y-Axis Australia team consists of Process Consultants and RMAs who facilitate applicant immigrants with issues related to immigration and visas. Y-Axis fraud policy is designed to best safeguard the interests of the clients.

If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to Australia, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.


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