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University of Oxford, England

The University of Oxford is a collegiate university located in Oxford, England. Founded in 1096, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking nations and the second-oldest university in the world that continues to be functional.  It is now considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The university is home to 39 semi-autonomous constituent colleges, 6 permanent private halls, and various academic departments that are divided into four divisions. All the colleges are autonomous, with each managing its own membership and having its own in-house structure and activities.

There is no main campus of the university and its structures and facilities are spread all over the city center.

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Oxford is also home to the world’s oldest university museum and also the largest university press in the world. As per QS Global Rankings, the University of Oxford has consistently ranked in its top 10 global universities list. It also ranks #1 currently on both the Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings and Forbes’s World University Rankings.

It offers more than 400 courses in disciplines, with business, law, medicine, and humanities courses being the most preferred ones. Its tuition fees vary from £28,188 to £40,712 per annum. Meanwhile, the living costs vary from £10,455 to £15,680, depending on the accommodation type.

Oxford University’s Highlights 

The university admits more than 25,000 students every year. Of them, 45% are foreign nationals. Besides top-quality standards of teaching, the university provides a simulated work atmosphere, preparing its students for the real-world experiences outside. It offers a lot of scholarships to international students, with some of them awarding a 100% fee exemption and a portion of living costs.

MBA graduates of Oxford are the most sought-after with an average minimum salary of £71,940 per year.

Due to the above reasons, getting admission into the University of Oxford admission is tough, with its acceptance rate being around 18%. International students wanting to get selected for any of the university courses should have had a minimum GPA of 3.7 out of 4, the equivalent of 92%. Students aspiring to get admitted into business courses must have a GMAT score of at least 650.

Programs Offered at the University of Oxford

The university offers more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines. It offers graduate programs for international students in five divisions of humanities, mathematics, medical sciences, physical & life sciences, and social sciences. There are 63 study areas in these five divisions.  For undergraduates, Oxford offers more than 50 programs.

Some of the top-rated programs at Oxford University are as follows.

Top Programs Total Fee per year (GBP)
Master of Engineering [MEng], Engineering sciences 37,844
Master of Science [MSc], Financial Economics 67,073
Master of Business Administration [MBA]  65,443
Master of Science [MSc], Psychological Research  26,908
Master of Science [MSc], Molecular and Cellular Medicine 37,844
Master of Science [MSc], Social Data Science 37,844
Master of Science [MSc], Neuroscience 26,908
Master of Science [MSc], Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing 28,544
Master of Science [MSc], Law and Finance 55,858
Master of Science [MSc], Advanced Computer Science 30,313


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The university offers more than 350 courses in postgraduate and doctorate degrees. Students need to submit their application forms and all documentation a minimum of a week ahead of the deadline. The most popular postgraduate degree programs at the university are as follows.

Program Period Annual Fees (GBP)
MSc in Advanced Computer Science 1 Year 31,865
Master of Business Administration 1 Year 68,830
MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance 10 months 38,231
MSc in Financial Economics 9 Months 51,131
MSc in Social Data Science 10 months 30,000
MSc in Engineering Science 2 to 3 Years 30,020


The Campus at the University of Oxford

Besides imparting education, the university also provides various opportunities to improve further students’ lives. The campus at Oxford University offers many facilities.

  • Oxford has about 85 university sports clubs and 200 college sports clubs.
  • It also houses more than 150 student societies. The societies are mainly based on subjects of students’ interests. Moreover, there are a few societies of foreign students belonging to different countries.
  • There is also an Oxford Indian Society that organizes dance nights, dinners, game nights, movie-themed events, etc.
  • Also on campus are a Music Society and a Dramatic Society where many competitions are held for playwrights, productions, and dramas over the year.
  • The Oxford Art Club and Ruskin School of Art organize art events.
Accommodations at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers accommodations to students’ on-campus and off-campus in various room types.

  • Included in the room types are couples, family, flats, standard & en-suite.

The following is the detailed information on accommodations at the University of Oxford.

Accommodations Rents per month (GBP)
49 Banbury Road 626 – 639
Castle Mill – Phase 1 705 – 869
Castle Mill – Phase 2 712 – 878
Cavalier Court 558 – 569
32a Jack Straws Lane 491 – 558
6 St John Street 633 – 645
Walton Street 633 – 712


Admissions at the University of Oxford

The first phase of applying involves choosing a program of the university. Necessary for international admissions 2023 are the following:

The Selection at Oxford University of College

The campus code of college can be placed on UCAS application form to insist on a preference. Depending on the shortlist requirements, the candidates might be offered a place by another college.

  • Parameters to choose a College at Oxford University.
    • The standing of the college for the preferred course, availability of accommodation facilities, location, access, amenities, grants, etc.
  • When undecided about College at Oxford University
    • Make an open application on the UCAS application by selecting campus code 9. It will imply that the application will be allotted to a college or hall that has comparatively fewer applications for that particular program in that particular year.
Application Process at the Oxford University

Since the submission of applications at University of Oxford is seamless, potential students can go through the following process.

Application Portal: UCAS for UG | Oxford Graduate Application for PG
Application Fee: £75 | £150 for MBA

Requirements for Undergraduate Admissions: Undergraduate requirements at the Oxford University for international students are as follows.

  • Educational transcripts
  • Higher secondary school certificate
    • Minimum grade (A1 or 90%)
  • IELTS: 7.0/ PTE: 66
  • Passport
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)

Admission Requirements for Graduates:

  • Educational transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree grades
    • Professional degree: 60-65% from prestigious universities; for others, 70-75%
    • Standard degree: 65-70% from prestigious universities; for others, 70-75%
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Minimum GMAT/GRE scores
    • GMAT: 650
    • GRE: Verbal & Quantitative: 160
  • IELTS: 7 bands
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Résumé

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Acceptance Rate at the University of Oxford

The university offers admissions to up to 3,300 undergraduates and 5,500 postgraduates. Applications have risen by the university by about 48% during the last decade.

The acceptance rate at Oxford University hovers around 18% for graduate courses.

International students at the university belong to about 160 countries from across the world.

Cost of Attendance at the University of Oxford

The cost of attendance at the university includes tuition fees as well as living expenses. Tuition fees for undergraduate international students could cost up to £34,321 per year. Tuition fees cost around £31,217-52-£52,047. Students have to pay £68,707 per year as tuition fees for management courses.

Living Costs at the Oxford University: Costs of living will differ based on the lifestyle of the individual. These are estimated to be between £1,180 and £1,720 per month in 2023.

Type of expenses Maximum cost per month
Food 417
Accommodation (including utilities) 834
Personal items 263
Social activities 121
Study costs 105
Miscellaneous 58
Total 1798


Scholarships at the University of Oxford

The university offers financial assistance for international students through several scholarships. These scholarships aggregate about £8 million. To be eligible for the university’s scholarships, candidates need to apply by the January deadline for the course. Some of the popular funds, scholarships, and grants are:

Scholarship Eligibility Award
Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship Students belonging to Asian Countries Course Fees and Grant towards Living Costs
Reach Oxford Scholarships Students belonging to low-income countries. Course fees, annual grant, and one return air fare per year.
Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships For students of PG programs The entire tuition fee amount and a portion of living costs
Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarship Candidates opting for Oxford/Cambridge University €4,680 per year

Alumni of the University of Oxford

The university has an active alumni network worldwide. Oxford produced 50 Nobel Prize winners, 120 Olympic medal winners, and various PMs of the UK. Some of the alumni benefits are:

  • Access to journals/library/ JSTOR
Placements at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford attracts transnational companies. Most of the management students of Oxford University are employed in the finance and consulting industries.

The average salary of MBA students at Oxford is £71,940 per year. The mean salaries offered by top industries to them are following.

Sector Average Yearly Salary (GBP)
Financial 69,165
Consulting 77,631
Global Tech Industry 74,234
Global Executive Tech Industry 66,850
Global Industry 71,852
Non-profit 57,463

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