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408 Pandemic Visa for Australia

By COVID visa Australia is implied the Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) — the Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) visa — generally referred to as the 408 Pandemic Visa for Australia. 

The subclass 408 is a temporary visa for Australia that allows the visa holder to remain in the country for working, provided they are employed in a critical industry sector or unable to apply for any other visa. 

The COVID-19 408 visa for Australia has been put in place for better managing the unexpected and unprecedented circumstances arisen in view of the pandemic situation.

A temporary measure, the 408 pandemic visa for Australia will be subject to an ongoing review, to be terminated in the aftermath of the pandemic situation.

How long can I stay in Australia on a subclass 408 Pandemic visa?

Depends on whether or not you are working in Australia within a critical sector.

Those working in a critical sector

By a “critical sector” is implied any of the following –

·         Aged care

·         Agriculture

·         Child care

·         Disability care

·         Food processing

·         Health care

·         Tourism and hospitality

Can remain in Australia for up to 12 months
Not working in a critical sector

Can remain in Australia for up to 3 months


Those currently holding a COVID-19 Pandemic event visa for Australia  — that is about to expire – might be eligible for another COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, if they

[1] intend to remain in Australia for continuing to work in any of the critical sectors, or

[2] are unable to depart Australia before the expiry of their present visa due to travel restrictions.


With the subclass 408 visa for Australia, you can remain in the country if you have no other visa options available before you and cannot leave the country due to the pandemic-related travel restrictions.

Who can apply for subclass 408 Pandemic visa for Australia?

You must apply online, be within Australia, and maintain adequate health insurance towards your “temporary entrant” stay in Australia.

Those working in any of 7 critical sectors will be required to provide proper evidence from an employer for the same. This evidence can be either for an employment or even an offer of employment. The fact that no Australian citizen or permanent resident could fill the same position will also have to be proved.

Such individuals working in critical sectors — as well as individuals unable to leave Australia due to travel restrictions — will also be required to hold a substantive visa that expires within 90 days, or, their last substantive visa must have expired within the previous 28 days.

Applicants that have had their departure from Australia impacted due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions will have to tell the Department of Home Affairs as to how the travel restrictions prevented their departure.

Basic step-by-step process

STEP 1: Checking your eligibility.

STEP 2: Gathering the documentation required, as evidence towards supporting the application.

STEP 3: Appling for the visa online

STEP 4: After applying. If further information is required, you will be duly informed of the same in ImmiAccount.

STEP 5: Visa outcome

Do keep in mind that the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa can only be granted to individuals already within Australia.

Often touted to be the last resort for those forced to remain in Australia without a visa due to COVID-19 – that is, individuals unable to apply for any other Australian visa and also unable to leave the country – the subclass 408 Pandemic visa is nonetheless not for all.

All eligibility conditions must be duly met before an individual can be granted the 408 Pandemic Visa for Australia.

What is the pandemic visa for Australia?

The Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) is also referred to as the Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 pandemic event) visa.

How long can I remain in Australia on a subclass 408 Pandemic visa?

Up to 12 months, if working in Australia within any of the 7 critical sectors.

Up to 3 months, if ineligible for any other visa and unable to leave the country due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

What are the critical sectors under 408 Pandemic visa for Australia?

7 critical sectors come under the 408 Pandemic visa – aged care, agriculture, child care, disability care, food processing, health care, or tourism and hospitality

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