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Travelling abroad to a foreign land alone entails a lot of risk. Medical emergencies, losses, and delays can be expensive and cause great inconvenience to you. Are you covered? A hundred things can go wrong when you travel. Something that’s an inconvenience at home can ruin your holiday when you’re abroad. Is your family covered?  Taking a holiday abroad in your golden years is a dream for many. But little inconveniences and medical problems can sully your enjoyment unless you’ve got someone to take care of them for you. Are you covered?

Now you can travel overseas with your loved ones and without worries. Things may go wrong during your trip even after assiduous planning, for certain reasons that are beyond our reach. Let travel insurance from the best Insurance company accompany the worries so that you can concentrate on rejuvenate. Catering to people from all walks of life, we have three different plans – Travel Companion, Travel Elite and Student Travel. Choose a basic plan or go for extended covers as per your requirements.

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