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Why is Japan offering more Work Visas?

Posted on August 2, 2018
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Why is Japan offering more Work Visas

Japan is now offering increased numbers of Work Visas to overseas workers and professionals. Immigrant Carers and Cashiers are now a fact in day to day Japanese life. The number of overseas workers in Japan has accentuated very quickly to 1.3 million.

There are diverse factors that are contributing to the increased number of Japan Work Visas. The population of Japan is shrinking and getting aged. The labor market is experiencing an immense shortage of workers to fill the vacant positions.

In fact, the Japanese government policy is focusing on enhancing the participation of female workers and aged people. It has even started using AI. However, these initiatives are not resolving the crunch faced by the labor market in Japan.

Businesses in Japan are demanding that the participation of immigrant workers must be increased. This will help them to become more global and remain competitive, as quoted by the Economist.

Theoretically, Japan PR Visas are mainly for highly skilled overseas workers. However, even those with lesser skills can be accepted as Trainees or Students or Japanese extraction immigrants.

Japanese Government declared that it will launch a new “Designated Skills Visa”. This will target 500,000 fresh immigrant workers by the year 2025. These will be in sectors such as Shipbuilding, Nursing, Hotels, Construction, and Agriculture.

Pressure from businesses is a big reason why Japan is accepting more number of overseas workers. In the last 2 decades, the % of workers below 30 years has decreased by 25%. The aging population has also resulted in the creation of more jobs. Especially, the increased numbers of Carers are required by Japan.

There are 60% more vacant job positions than people are seeking to work in Japan. Industries such as Construction, Nursing, and Agriculture are more and more dependent on overseas workers now.

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