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Why do Overseas Employers value EI – Emotional Intelligence?

Posted on July 30, 2018
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Why do Overseas Employers value EI

Overseas Employers are increasingly focusing on candidates in the graduate market for their Emotional Intelligence levels. EI will be a crucial skill in the job market as automation and AI rewrite the global economy said Tim Kiddell. He is the speechwriter for the Prime Minister of the UK.

AI will expand the world in unimaginable ways elaborated Tim Kiddell. Machines will be deployed for several functional tasks. Thus, there will be enhanced needs for empathizing ability, humanity, and people skills added Kiddell.

There will be two aspects that will be vital for success beyond education said the speechwriter. One is the ability to approach challenges from the perspective of other people. Another will be the ability to show kindness, he added.

Tim is not alone to endorse this opinion. In a survey by LinkedIn 57% of Overseas Employers said they value soft skills. They look out first for these while seeking fresh employees, added the survey, as quoted by the Study International.

The LinkedIn survey reveals that leaders in businesses value graduates with specific knowledge and skills grasp. This includes the ability for leading a team, working within a team, clear communication, and skills for collaboration. People who demonstrate good time management are also preferred adds the survey.

The qualities highlighted above demand high level of EI. This ranges from understanding the ways to motivate others to the ability to navigate tricky personalities. It also includes permitting everyone to be heard in their contributions. These skills result from social awareness and empathy.

EI can, however, be kind of elusive. This is especially when you learn that these skills are so highly valued by Overseas Employers.

You cannot learn overnight to understand how others feel and subtle social cues. This is especially true when the conventional higher education system is yet to recognize their significance.

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