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What is the job outlook for Poland?

Posted on October 12, 2020
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job outlook for Poland

According to a report released in 2015 by CEDEFOP, European Center for the Development of Vocational Training, which gives details of the Skills Forecast for Poland up to 2025, employment growth in Poland is expected to be in the distribution and transport sector, the construction, business and other sectors. Based on this report the top jobs till 2025 will be available in non-market sectors.

The job outlook till 2025 says there will be demand for professionals in science, engineering, business, healthcare, and administration. 34% of jobs are expected to be for high-level professionals in these fields while 15% of job openings will be for services and sales professionals.

If you are thinking of overseas career with a job in Poland, you must first assess if your skills can be a match to jobs in these sectors.

According to the CEDEFOP report, the employment outlook for Poland is expected to go up to 15 million by 2025.

The report says there will be high demand for health professionals, business and administration associate professionals, drivers and mobile plant operators.

Top ten highest paid jobs in Poland

Profession  Annual Salary
Surgeons / Doctors Salary Range: from 14,900 PLN to 42,800 PLN
Judges Salary Range: from 12,500 PLN to 35,900 PLN
Lawyers Salary Range: from 10,100 PLN to 29,100 PLN
Bank Managers Salary Range: from 9,540 PLN to 27,400 PLN
Chief Executive Officers Salary Range: from 8,950 PLN to 25,700 PLN
Chief Financial Officers Salary Range: from 8,350 PLN to 23,900 PLN
Orthodontists Salary Range: from 8,050 PLN to 23,100 PLN
College Professors Salary Range: from 7,160 PLN to 20,500 PLN
Pilots Salary Range: from 5,960 PLN to 17,100 PLN
Marketing Directors Salary Range: from 5,370 PLN to 15,400 PLN

Job outlook by sector

According to the forecast by CEDEFOP, the sectors with the highest employment growth in Poland will be in the sectors of oil and gas, and repair of household goods. However, the highest increase in jobs will be in the human health activities, and accommodation and catering sectors.

Poland job outlook CEDEFOP

The forecast on CEDEFOP covers the period up to 2030. It took Global Economic Development into account until May 2019. For seven years in a row in 2019, the European economy had been in a continuous mode of expansion. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, short-term impact on the economy have been created, but long-term factors that will impact job outlook in European countries such as aging populations, increased use of automation / artificial intelligence, globalization, resource scarcity, etc. will continue to be influential.

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