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What are the benefits of working in Estonia?

Work in Estonia

An overseas career in Estonia can be a good choice considering the fact that it is one of the hottest destinations for startups in Europe. Added to this, it is one place where you can easily accelerate your career thanks to organizational hierarchy in companies which is conducive to your growth.

Here are some facts that will make you put Estonia on the top of your career destination and reap the benefits of working in this place.

Estonia’s ranking in major indices

Working hours and paid time off

The working hours in Estonia are 40 hours per week. The employers here follow a five-day work week.

Employees are entitled to 28 days of paid leave in a year.

Minimum wage

The minimum monthly wage for full-time work is 584 Euros per month or 3.84 Euros per hour.

The income tax here stands at a flat rate of 20 percent.

Social security benefits

Employees in Estonia who are here on a temporary residency permit or right of residence can be insured when their employer pays their social tax. The social tax is paid at a rate of 33% on all payments made to a foreign employee.

This will entitle employees to health insurance coverage in Estonia and provide access to public healthcare.

Maternity and parental leave

In Estonia, the maternity leave is for 20 weeks (140 days) and a mother can avail this 70 days before the expected due date of the child.  Apart from this, when a child is born, 320 Euros is given as a childbirth allowance.

Parents in Estonia can avail 435 days consecutive or inconsecutive parental leave. However, both parents cannot use this leave at the same point of time.

Other benefits

The country offers a clean environment and has a low crime rate. The cost of living here especially rental expenses are lower compared to other countries in Europe. The free public transport and access to health care benefits provide you with more disposable income. The added bonus is English is widely spoken here making communication with others easy.

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