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US must end Green Cards backlog: Indian IT workers

Indian IT workers

A number of Indian IT workers in the US have demanded that the Green Cards backlog must be ended. They have said that the nation wise quota must be abolished to end the Green Cards backlog.

The Indian IT Workers organized two rallies in the US. These rallies were held at Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The participants of the rallies contended that there is an annual quota for nation wise allotment of Green Cards. This was the chief reason for the Green Cards backlog, they added, as quoted by the Indian Express.

The participants of the rally displayed several posters. These include ‘Remove nation wise quota for job-based PR’, ‘What is my mistake’, and ‘300,000 waiting for 9 decades’.

GC Reforms one of the organizers of the rallies said that it is high time the PR issue faced by Highly Skilled Immigrants is resolved. The US Congress, White House, and the Senate must jointly work to achieve this, it added in the statement.

Highly Skilled Indian IT Workers in the US who are on the H-1B work visas are the worst victims of the current US immigration system. There is a 7% nation wise annual quota for allocation of Green Cards or the US PR.

The nation wise quota has resulted in huge PR wait times for the skilled workers from India. In some cases, this can be as long as even 70 years.

3 children shared the plight of H4 kids at the rally held at Pennsylvania. These include Venkat Daita, Siva Pragallapati, and Leela Pinnamaraju. They narrated that they will be out of status by the age of 21 years. These kids demanded equal treatment in the current immigration debate.

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