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Aditi Laddha from IIT-Bombay gets hired by Uber International to work in the US

Posted on December 17, 2016
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Uber International has offered the job to Aditi Laddha from the IIT-Bombay. This makes Aditi the only girl to have got the offer from the US and perhaps the only girl from other IITs also. Uber international has emerged as the highest paying overseas recruiter for this year.

The current final year BTech batch of computer science and engineering has 90 students of which only five are girls. One of the professors of the IIT-B has said that all the girls are very bright academically.

Aditi Laddha has been an inspirational student for the other girls at the IIT-B, said the Professor. Uber selected Aditi Laddha and Pranjal Khare both of whom were one of the top ten rank students in JEE in 2013.

The other girls who were hired in this year were Charmi Dedhia and Palak Jain who were selected by Google for their office in India. But Palak Jain was hired through the pre-placement mode.

Girls have been of late making their foray into the male-dominated entrance exams and the coveted Indian institutions of Technology.

Aditi Laddha of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh and Sibbala Leena Madhuri from Tirupati were in the top ten ranks students in IIT-JEE entrance exams in 2013. They created history by becoming the first girls to make their way in to the top ten ranks in the prestigious exams.

Aditi Laddha has now created one more record by having secured high paying a job from the international firm Uber in the US.

Previously Aditi was ranked sixth in the qualifying exams in 2013 and had also scored 94% in the CBSE exams of Class 12. She is from the Ratlam city in Madhya Pradesh and had competed in the IIT-JEE exams from Delhi.

The salary that has been offered to Aditi Laddha is yet to be revealed. But the analysis of the highest salaries offered so far can give certain indications. IIT-Kanpur had the highest salary offer for its student with one and half crores per year offered by Microsoft. The job offer was for its Redmond office in the US and the base salary per annum was 94 lakh.

On the first day of placements that commenced in December Samsung emerged as the highest paying international recruiter with its base salary offer of Rs 78 lakh which was offered to 10 students from the IITs in Kanpur, Bombay and Delhi.

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