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Top 10 Overseas Graduate Jobs as per LinkedIn

Posted on July 5, 2018
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Top 10 Overseas Graduate Jobs

LinkedIn has revealed the top 10 Overseas Graduate Jobs in 2018. Year after year, a fresh batch of graduate aspirants enters the job market eager to carve out successful careers.

Rank Overseas Job Annual income in US $
1. Software Engineer 95,000
2. Investment Banking Analyst 85,000
3. Business Analyst 70,000
4. Account Executive 60,000
5. Assistant Media Planner 58,000
6. Recruiter 48,000
7. Marketing Coordinator 45,000
8. Graphic Designer 45,000
9. Account Coordinator 40,000
10. Administrative Assistant 38,000

1) Software Engineer:

At the number 1 position amongst the top Overseas Graduate Jobs on LinkedIn is the profile of Software Engineer. It is not at all surprising given the increasingly digital world that offers them an annual package of 95,000 $. These will be coding internal software of almost anything from the latest Smartphone to video games, as quoted by the Study International.

2) Investment Banking Analyst:

This job offers a massive 85, 000 $ pay package annually. It is the career for those who have got an eye for money. Majority of these jobs are based in big cities. Nevertheless, it is a job with big stakes as you will be investing finances of the company into ventures that incur them profit, hopefully.

3) Business Analyst:

You will be paid by businesses for analyzing their operations and offer them advice on enhancing their cost-effectiveness. It is also a job that offers big bucks to the fresh graduates. They are usually offered an annual pay package of 70,000 $.

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