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Top Engineering jobs for 2020

Top Engineering jobs

The crucial factor when deciding on a career path is whether the career you have chosen will be relevant in the future and will be in demand as much as it is at present. There will be questions whether the career will be relevant or become redundant in the future.

If you have chosen a career in engineering, you will be wondering what kind of engineering jobs will be in demand both in your country and overseas. At present information technology and automation are the hot engineering fields. This does not mean that traditional engineering fields such as civil, mechanical etc. have fallen out of favor. To give you a better perspective, read this post on the top 8 engineering fields that will be in demand for both domestic and overseas jobs in 2020.

1. Automation & Robotics Engineer:

With robotics it is now possible to create complex humanoid machines. As a result, robotics engineers will be in demand.  They are involved in the design, development and testing of robotic systems. Robotics engineers usually are from the mechanical and electronics field.

2. Data science and Machine learning engineer:

Data science is a branch of software engineering that has recently come into dominance. It involves converting large amount of data into meaningful information. The large amount of data also known as big data can come from a variety of sources. The field is a combination of statistics and software engineering where data is gathered, analyzed and presented to help businesses improve their services.

In machine learning, data science is used to help predict what might happen in the future based on what happened in the past. In this field algorithms are used to make predictions, test their accuracy and improve the rate of accuracy in the prediction. If the volume of data is more varied, the predictions are more accurate. To succeed in this field, you need to be strong in mathematics and coding.

3. Petroleum Engineer:

These engineers focus on drilling methods, design of the equipment and supervise the drilling plan for the extraction of crude oil. Demand for such engineers has gone up in the past few years and will continue to grow.

4. Electrical Engineer:

This field of engineering also continues to be in demand, the field includes electronic engineering, power engineering etc. This engineering field also offers a wide range of career paths.

5. Civil Engineer:

This field has been in demand in past few years. Luckily there are many branches in this field so there is no question of saturation. Civil engineering fields that are in demand include environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and road/highway engineering.

6. Energy Engineer:

With the focus on clean and renewable energy, alternative engineers are in demand especially those who specialize in alternative energy. A career in this field should start with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. This is followed by a master’s degree in energy engineering.

7. Project Engineer:

To become a project engineer you will need to do a course in project management after your bachelor’s degree.  As a project manager you will manage projects and be involved in the design, procurement and delivery of simple to complex products.  This role requires knowledge of the fundamental aspects of every project.

8. Mining Engineer:

A mining engineer is responsible for designing mines and their excavation. Some of them specialize in the processing and transportation methods for the material from the mines to the processing plants.

Engineering jobs related to data science and automation will be in high demand in the coming year. They also pay higher salaries compared to other engineering fields. Traditional engineering fileds are saturated and to make a mark in these fields you will need specialization.

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