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Top 6 Golden rules to excel in your overseas career

Posted on April 5, 2019
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Here we present the 6 Golden rules that will make a difference at the workplace and help you to excel in your overseas career:

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Be truly dedicated

An individual who is truly dedicated to whatever they do comes across as the easiest person. True dedication cannot be faked of course. There are 2 ways to be dedicated truly. One is to be actually interested in the job or minimum is to believe in whatever job you are doing.

Joyful to learn

You must be ready to ask innumerable questions every day at the workplace. It can take several days to learn completely regarding your duties in the new job. Show the management that you are always eager to learn new things, coachable and attentive.


The current overseas career requisites are highly advanced and need someone who is more than willing to take risks. The career landscape is competitive and employers seek individuals who can bring innovative ideas to the table. They must take initiatives, start fresh projects, pitch novel solutions and create fresh business opportunities.

Set individual goals

You must bear in mind that you are not being paid for staying busy or working hard. What matters to your employer at the end of the day is how you are playing a role in fulfilling the mission and goals of the company. This is both long term and short term, as quoted by the Thrive Global.

Offer solution

It is easy to turn your issues into your Manager’s issue. You must however not be a problem creator but a solution provider. Great workers solve problems.

Be empathetic

It requires compassion to become a good employee. You must understand that your colleagues and Manager are also doing their best. Each one is doing the fair share of the work at the end of the day for what they are getting paid for.

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